The Vatican

After students complete Prof. McClendon’s (FA) St. Peter’s and the Vatican course, they always feel the need to visit the Vatican, whose architecture and history they have been studying for the past semester. Learning about it isn’t enough: Information is fascinating, but the real reward is seeing the architecture come alive before your eyes. Knowing the rich history behind the buildings can only make the visit more appealing; the buildings aren’t just made of marble and bricks, but of history, time, effort and artistic talent. From the Via della Conciliazione to the Cathedra Petri, the rich history of the Vatican permeates throughout the Borgo, enticing everyone to come closer and take a look.

—Natalia Wiater

Siena, Italy

Of the countless places I have visited in my life, it can often be hard to pick out my favorite destination. However, in this post-finals state there is one town that jumps forth: Siena, Italy. Nestled in Italy’s Tuscan region, Siena is a small medieval town that seems to have escaped the clutches of time, preserving most of its historic charm. Bustling with art and architecture, even those disinterested can’t resist stopping and marveling at Siena’s Cathedral- and Renaissance-era art. Of course, no day is complete without an indulgent Italian dinner paired with a glass of wine and a good book on the idyllic cobbled streets.

—Mihir Khanna

Orlando, Florida

My dream travel destination is none other than Orlando, Florida. Though it is far from tropical or exotic, I would love to visit Disneyworld and Universal Studios — two places that my childhood dreams centered around. I don’t care about the long lines or loud families, I just want my own pair of Mickey Mouse ears and to drink butterbeer while costume-clad performers greet guests. When that gets tiring, the white sand beaches of Tampa Bay are only two hours away. There I’d have the opportunity to take very Instagram-worthy photos before going to Busch Gardens and once again enjoying food, fun and loud families.

—Nia Lyn