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Reaching across cultures

(01/26/16 6:21am)

According to Moroccan-born Israeli anthropologist and author André Levy, “In my eyes, anthropology, more than any other discipline in the social sciences, aspires to be present in life itself, in order to make sense of it and to give it meaning. It attempts to understand human action from an immediate closeness of which there is no comparison in the social sciences.”

The Netherlands and beyond

(01/26/16 5:35am)

Like many Brandeis students, David Benger ’14 was a first-year with diverse interests and no intention of settling on one life path — at least not before exploring where each of his passions might lead. As a first-year he took classes in the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies department and spent the summer learning Yiddish. The year after, he took up a minor in Theater Arts, involving himself in productions on and off campus. He polished his Russian to fluency with a major in Russian Studies, took on a second major in Politics and although he was enjoying his academic experience, a career path had not clicked. 

Uniting across nations

(01/19/16 3:04am)

A new club that aims to support and empower women worldwide has materialized here at Brandeis. The club is a local chapter of the GirlUp campaign of the United Nations Foundation, an organization separate from the United Nations itself that aims to connect the U.N. with outside organizations to help effect change. The goal of the Brandeis chapter is to fundraise money for the missions of the campaign and to raise awareness for the issues that women face globally through thoughtful discussions and events.

A Voice for Veterans

(01/12/16 5:01am)

Leroy Ashwood ’71 has always been social by nature. During his first year at Stevens Business College, he spent his weekends visiting friends at Brandeis until they convinced him to transfer in 1968 as a sophomore. Today, Ashwood runs a nonprofit organization to assist military veterans and has coupled his social tendencies with social entrepreneurship in order to seek wide-scale change for the services available to veterans. 

Classroom cultivation

(11/24/15 3:14am)

On a warm fall afternoon inside a classroom in Waltham High School (WHS), six high school students talk about their own petri-dish experiments using sunscreen and yeast. These students are members of the school’s newly recognized after-school science club, which strives to bring a unique approach to high school science curriculums. 

Building records, not breaking them

(11/24/15 1:59am)

Brandeis students exhibit talent in all areas — including music. With a trek to Slosberg Music Center, a night at Chomondeley’s Coffee House or a walk by the chapels, that becomes clear. Students sing, play instruments or rap, but until now, nothing has connected these young musicians to each other or to the outside musical community. Avi Hirshbein ’19 seeks to change that with the establishment of Brandeis’s own record label: Basement Records.

AOK-O gets an A plus

(11/17/15 5:10am)

“The themes — the human pain, suffering, passions and desires that we have in our world — are the very same ones that the ancient Greek and Romans had,” Professor Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow (CLAS) explained in an interview with the Justice. As the chair of the Classical Studies Department at Brandeis, where she has worked for over 30 years, Koloski-Ostrow’s passion for the subject runs deep. She believes that there is a lot to be learned from examining the ancient world and encourages her students to engage in open discourse when learning about the past. 

Writings from battle

(11/17/15 5:03am)

On Veterans Day, students and faculty packed into the Rapaporte Treasure Hall in Goldfarb Library to commemorate the launch of the Civil War Letters Project, a joint exhibition website created with Wellesley College. Brandeis professors Abigail Cooper (HIST) and John Burt (ENG) and Associate Curator of Special Collections at Wellesley College Mariana Oller spoke about the importance of these letters and their significance to the documentation of the Civil War and the preservation of history.