Bidding farewell to our graduating editors  is always a bittersweet moment; although we  hate to say goodbye after countless late nights  spent together, our hearts are filled with pride  and hope for all that they will accomplish next.  Throughout the past four years, our soon-to-be graduates have persevered and remained  steadfastly dedicated to The Justice. Brandeis  is all the better for their contributions to journalism. Please join us in recognizing The Justice editors in the class of 2024.  

Smiley Huynh ’24 has made a lasting impact on The Justice during her time on the paper. She first joined the fall of her sophomore  year as a member of the Photography section  staff. She quickly became an editorial assistant before becoming one of the Photography  editors. She excelled in this role, leading the  section efficiently and creatively, while going above and beyond to ensure the quality of  photos. From there, she was promoted to Managing Editor, where she has elevated The Justice through her tremendous work ethic and  meticulous attention to detail. Her dedication  to creating an ethical and thoughtful paper, in  addition to the energy she brings to the office,  has shaped our publication this past year. The  office will truly not be the same without her —  although there will be no more terror of nerf  guns or inflatable bats! We will miss her next  year but wish her the best and know that she  will do amazing things. 

Eden Osiason ’24 was a burst of colorful  energy in the office. With her great style and  bright smile, she was a wonderful person to  collaborate with. As an Social Media Editor,  she played a key role in shaping how the section looks today. Eden’s efforts had a lasting  impact on the newspaper’s digital presence  and the section’s team dynamics. Her energetic graphics were a highlight of The Justice’s  social media; working also as a co-Editor-inChief for the Laurel Moon Literary Magazine  at Brandeis, she has shown her eye for composition and endless creativity. After completing  her tenure as Social Media Editor and becoming an Associate Editor, she remained a helpful resource to reach out to for guidance. We  wish her all the best and can’t wait to see what  she does next. 

Zachary Goldstein ’24 exhibited cool and  calm leadership during his time as Social Media Editor at The Justice. His ability to inject  lightheartedness into every conversation and  make people feel at ease will be missed here.  Creating connections within the Social Media  team was his strength; his patience while training members, whether it be a someone new to  the section or upcoming editorial assistants,  helped maintain continuity and show that everyone, no matter their experience level, was  welcome to join. He was always very communicative and responded to problems with grace.  Although he retired from the Social Media section and became an Associate Editor in 2023,  he was easy to reach out to for advice. We hope  he has a great time at Northeastern University!  This board would once again like to express  our sincere gratitude to these three members  of our community. Our paper would not be the  same without their ideas and efforts. We appreciate all they have done and the lessons that we  have learned from them have not been taken  lightly. We wish them the best as they move  forward and The Justice will always be here to  cheer them on.