Founded in 1952 by Leonard Bernstein, the Festival of the Arts, named in his honor, has become an annual showcase of talent. Composer, pianist and educator, Bernstein was not only a member of the Brandeis faculty but a renowned musician and conductor.  His goal was to make art visible and accessible to all and thus the Festival of the Arts now aims to continue his dream. Everything from performances and selling art to sustainability tours and exhibitions, the Festival is a great way to bring the Waltham community and Brandeis closer. The Festival features a wide range of artists, performers and vendors, making it an ideal engagement for people of all ages.Debuting in 2021, the Create@Brandeis Craft Market is one of the more innovative events which attracts students and community members alike. The Market is held semesterly but particularly in the spring, gaining so much traction as a space where students and community members can sell their various handmade arts and crafts. However many events, talks and exhibitions receive a low-turnout. This is shocking considering how numerous the Brandeis student body is and just how many students have a passion for the arts.

Some issues regarding the lack of student participation are that not enough professors encourage students to go.

 An example of how professors can encourage students to participate is Professor Neil Swidey in the Journalism Department has often encouraged students to attend and even cover events through extra credit. Swidey has emphasized the importance of having a strong sense of building community. The events are not exclusive to artists,  students from all majors and interests can find valuable information and networking opportunities through attending various events and supporting the community at Brandeis. This Board asks professors to encourage students to participate in these events, as it is an opportunity to bring the Brandeis community together.

While college life can be overwhelming, especially for students at Brandeis who tend to be overachievers, participating in other experiences outside of academia and branching outside of your comfort zone can be exciting. The opportunities offered by our university are a unique part of the college experience, and we encourage you to take full advantage of them.  . We also encourage students to recognize their peers in their leadership and the work that goes into events. Not showing up affects a lot of folks who put their heart and soul into producing said event. In an effort to combat this we encourage you to check out the full list of events through the Festival of the Arts website.