As college admissions decisions are being released, Brandeis has been abuzz with campus tours and upcoming admitted student days. The University works very hard to curate a specific image for all prospective students during these events, showing them the nicest buildings and sparing no expenses. However, as first-year students begin their Brandeis journeys, they are often disappointed, causing many to consider alternative higher education pathways, including transferring to other institutions.

As an editorial board, we urge the administration to proceed with transparency. While the University is not perfect, it holds many amazing things. Taking moments to celebrate the great things instead of working hard to cover up the bad would make all students feel more comfortable in their decision to attend this university.

As current students, we often feel that prospective students are prioritized over us. A prime example of this would be the engineering program that Brandeis is adding, including a new building. While current students are once again fighting tooth and nail for an available bed in outdated dormitories, millions of dollars are being set aside for brand new facilities that will never be used by those of us on campus today.

This has caused students to feel unsupported and has had detrimental effects on the University as a whole. Word of mouth is vital to the recruitment of students, and we are aware that the University needs us to recommend the school to our peers. As seen in recent reports, application rates for the class of 2028 have dropped significantly when compared to previous years. The University relies on the support of current students, which can not be granted if we do not feel supported ourselves. 

Brandeis is also not transparent about what is offered, which frequently leads to disappointment. For example, there is a lack of information available to those selecting housing. No pictures of dorm rooms are available for viewing online, and the floorplans are now only available on MyHousing. As the housing options are not changing, we urge the Department of Community Living to replace these materials, supporting students through the selection process and helping them to make informed decisions. As a student body, we ask for more transparency and accountability in terms of what is promised. Not being honest with us as students causes a loss of trust, when in reality all we want is the truth.

This honesty also needs to extend to potential students. Members of this board have received admissions tours and do not believe that they are transparent. Rather, they spread inaccuracies regarding what the University has to offer. This is not the fault of the student tour guides, who work incredibly hard and help the University attract new students. We urge administration to reexamine and reevaluate the content of these tours and work with students to create a representation that we feel is accurate of the institution. 

Additionally, we ask to be put first. The needs of current students need to come above those who haven’t even committed to Brandeis yet. Spreading misinformation regarding what can be expected to incoming students is setting them up for disappointment and failure. This board encourages administration to celebrate what we do well and take accountability for what could be improved. Keeping students informed and being honest about shortcomings will build trust and allow students to feel more comfortable in their place at this institution.

— Editor’s note: Justice Photography editor Eliza Bier is employed by the Department of Orientation and First Year Experience and did not contribute to nor edit any parts of this article . Justice News Editorial Assistant Lin Lin Hutchinson ’25 is employed by the Department of Community Living, and did not contribute to edit any parts of this article.