In the wake of the conflict in Israel and Gaza and the brutality we have all witnessed this past week, the Justice editorial board would like to offer our most sincere condolences towards anyone and everyone impacted by the war. This board condemns violence in any form and any justification of said violence is unacceptable. We understand that the Brandeis community is shocked and shaken over the many lives that have been lost already and that will be lost, and we extend our support in this difficult and horrific moment. If you are particularly struggling, please take the time to support yourself. If your studies are being affected by what is happening, be transparent with your professors and seek support. 

There has also been a monumental influx of content on social media pertaining to the current crisis, and as a result, doom scrolling has increased by a wide margin, adding even more to everyone’s desolation and stress. If possible, we recommend stepping away from social media and the constant inundation of disturbing and distressing content. 

The internet is rife with misinformation, which, especially now, is incredibly important to recognize and avoid. Instagram infographics are readily accessible, but are not always trustworthy. We urge students to seek out reliable and detailed sources if you are looking for information and reference multiple sources. We recognize that there is always bias regardless of what news source you use — which is why it is incredibly important to use vetted, trusted, and truthful resources. We hope that our community will support one another in the following days, especially now that war has been officially declared and there will no doubt be further casualties. In the face of such constant violence, this board encourages everyone to take care of themselves to the best of their ability and hold space for each other’s grief.