Saying goodbye to our graduating editors is always a bittersweet moment: after countless late nights spent together, our hearts are filled with pride and hope for all that they will accomplish next. Our soon-to-be graduates remain steadfastly dedicated to the Justice, and Brandeis is all the better for their contributions to journalism. Please join us in recognizing the Justice editors graduating this spring in the Class of 2023. 

Jen Crystal has served the office with great care and dedication for the past academic year as the editor in chief. She first joined the spring semester of her first year at Brandeis and quickly became editorial assistant for the News section before becoming the section’s editor during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

Being the editor of a campus publication is not easy, but Jen’s commitment to the Justice never wavered. She is beyond professional, leading with compassion and empathy and always has the best interest of the Justice staff and the entire Brandeis community in mind. She humanizes journalism, approaching subjects sensitively and thoughtfully in her coverage of a variety of topics, whether that be the war in Ukraine, accessibility on campus, sexual violence, or the 2020 election.

The lifeblood of the Justice, Jen’s dedication to journalistic integrity will not soon be forgotten. It’ll be strange to start next year without her here, but we wish her all the luck as her Brandeis career comes to a close. 

Jane Flautt has kept the Justice running smoothly and has been an integral part of the paper ever since she started. She started as a Copy staffer in her first year before taking over as Copy editor. From there, she was appointed as managing editor, where she’s gone above and beyond. 

Her otherworldly patience and kindness have allowed her to flourish and make the Justice community that much better a place to be. Jane has left her mark on all of us. Ever organized and put together, she’s kept the Justice on course no matter what. She will be missed. 

Cameron Cushing has been the backbone of the Justice during his time at the paper. His wit, sophistication, and hard work have led him to serve as a role model for all of us. Cam served as Copy editor in 2020, became managing editor in 2021, and became a senior editor in 2022. He has meticulously worked behind the scenes at the Justice, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. His most recent project was building the staff page on the Justice website. 

Cam will do great things, but we hope he knows he always has a home here at the Justice. 

Sofia Gonzalez has served as an example of quiet grace and fierce dedication for the entire Justice staff during her time at the Justice. A rare STEM major dabbling in the world of journalism, Sofia became Features editor in 2020. 

Due to her talent, hard work, and dedication, she was eventually elected editor-in-chief in 2021. Sofia led the paper elegantly and efficiently — her diligence and kindness made her an excellent leader before she was eventually voted up to senior editor in 2022. Her work at the Justice has often covered serious topics, such as COVID-19, the 2020 presidential election, and fighting systemic racism on Brandeis’ campus. Sofia left a large legacy at the Justice, and though we know she is off to do great things in the world, her Justice family will miss her dearly.

Juliana Giacone has exhibited dedication and fervor during her tenure at the Justice. In September of 2020, Juliana began writing for the Features section, where she covered a myriad of topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on international students’ access to higher education, an insider perspective of Brandeis mail service employees, or the surge of anti-Asian racism during the pandemic. As a Features and associate editor, she continuously advocated for staff writers to conduct ethical and honest reporting. 

Juliana explored her passion for journalism beyond the Justice, serving as a university department representative for the Journalism department from 2022-2023. In the fall of 2023, she will be pursuing a graduate degree at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. It has been an honor to work alongside Juliana, and we know that she will accomplish amazing things.

Natalie Kahn has made a name for herself as a brilliant and glittery powerhouse on campus — and an equally brilliant and glittery associate editor at the Justice. Natalie became the Features editor in 2022, and with incredible care, pushed the section to expand coverage toward a variety of issues affecting student and faculty life on campus. 

Natalie also promoted accessibility to Boston’s queer nightlife through the creation of  @queerboston on Instagram. Weekly,  Natalie pushed writers to dig deeper into every story while simultaneously pushing herself to explore the tiny bright pockets in different corners of Boston. Natalie is an incredible writer and leader. We cannot wait to see all she does. Wherever she goes, we know she’ll make it brighter.  

Megan Liao, the ray of sunshine, will be sorely missed at the Justice. It is painful to think of a paper that doesn’t include her wonderful illustrations or insightful articles. Starting in 2020 by submitting gorgeous sketches, her breathtaking artwork was a highlight feature of the arts section. 

Megan’s leadership and strong organizational skills made her an obvious selection for the Arts editor position. She’s embedded her bright shining  personality into every edition of the Justice, creating a unique aesthetic for her section. Promoted to associate editor in 2023, Megan remained a strong senior presence in the Justice office. Whether it was photos, sports, or arts, Megan’s influence and unmatched passion could be seen on every page. Megan is a beautiful soul whose kindness will always be remembered by those who had the privilege to work with her. 

Jack Yuanwei Cheng’s passion and dedication to photography and journalism have been a gift to the Justice throughout his tenure. Having joined in 2021 as an editorial assistant and quickly rising to the role of Photography editor, Jack established himself as an integral part of the publication’s operations. In addition to fulfilling his regular duties, he took countless photos and led his team of photographers. Jack came into the office every day with enthusiasm that could not be matched, leaving everyone smiling. 

We know Jack will go off and do amazing things, but his presence at the Justice is going to be missed dearly. His legacy will live on as his Brandeis ID sits pinned above the Photos section desk, always watching over us.

Samantha Goldman has been a vital part of the Justice since her arrival at Brandeis. Starting out in the News section as a staff writer, Samantha’s creativity and passion for reporting were spotlighted. She quickly transitioned into becoming the Online editor at the Justice — a position that would define her career here. 

In this role, Samantha developed the Justice’s social media presence and led us into the digital media era. After nearly three years of building up social media, she was promoted as an associate editor. Within this role, she still regularly contributed to the creation of content for social media to ensure the section’s sustainability long-term.Samantha’s calming presence and laid-back attitude will be missed by all members of the Justice. 

Maddy Dulong has made a lasting impact on the Justice, and has totally revamped the Ads section in the process. Although she’s only worked at the Justice for a short while, beginning this past semester, Maddy became the new Ads editor and quickly got the section up and running again. Her ideas and plans for the future of the section have also helped with its growth and expansion. Maddy also pleasantly surprised everyone with her extensive horoscope knowledge, which the Arts section highlighted multiple times. Her kindness, patience, and humor will be missed.