Bidding farewell to our graduating editors is always a bittersweet moment: although we hate to say goodbye after countless late nights spent together, our hearts are filled with pride and hope for all that they will accomplish next. Although it has been a challenging few years, our soon-to-be graduates remained steadfastly dedicated to the Justice, and Brandeis is all the better for their contributions to journalism. Please join us in recognizing the Justice editors in the  Class of 2022. 

Gabriel Frank is an integral part of the Justice, and it’s hard to imagine the paper without him. He started out as a Forum writer in 2018, and quickly distinguished himself as both a writer and a dedicated member of the paper. Gabriel then led the Forum section, and his quiet and intelligent leadership ensured that the section was always run successfully. After his time as Forum editor, Gabriel then became an important associate editor and continued to write for his former section consistently. 

An astute and engaging writer, Gabriel has touched on topics from   #MeToo, censorship, and economic crises, to international turmoil and the COVID-19 pandemic  during his time as a Justice staffer and editor. Even through a pandemic and while the Justice was fully online, Gabriel continued to show his dedication to the paper by writing for the Forum section and supporting his fellow editors as we faced the challenges of journalism in the era of COVID-19. As an associate editor, Gabriel can be counted on to step up during a crisis, whether it’s something small like writing an editorial for the week’s issue or laying out the entire Forum section when other editors are sick. 

Gilda Geist has been a passionate powerhouse during her time on the Justice. Gilda joined the Justice during her first semester at Brandeis and quickly rose through the ranks, training for News editor during her second semester at the University. Gilda then went on to become editor in chief during the 2020-2021 academic year. Although an unconventional year for the Justice and the world at large, Gilda approached her work as a student journalist and leader with grace, dedication, and determination. 

She, in partnership with then-managing editor Luke Liu, led the Justice in covering the developments of COVID-19 as it impacted campus, student and scholar outcry following the murder of George Floyd, and numerous examples of quality journalism during those unprecedented times. In a year defined by uncertainty, we were lucky to have the ever-constant Gilda at the helm.  

Since completing her role as editor in chief, Gilda has helped to oversee the transition back to printing. As one of the few senior staff members, Gilda’s institutional knowledge was crucial to returning to pre-pandemic operations.  

Gilda has been known to slip in-and-out of a British accent in conversation and often could be found working on her latest book-binding endeavor or crafting venture. Her passion for journalism is unmatched, and we will all miss Gilda who has in so many ways become the epitome of the Justice. 

Megan Geller has served as an example of dedication, hard work, passion, and impeccable time management skills since she first joined the Justice in her first year at Brandeis. Megan started out writing articles covering Brandeis sports teams for the Sports section. She quickly stepped into the Sports editor role, where she continued writing in addition to serving as a leader for other members of the section. Before the pandemic, Megan was known for having her work done way in advance of production deadlines.

 She often left production night at 4 p.m. after having worked on her pages during the weekends. Her commitment and enthusiasm served as an inspiration for all, and she was greatly admired by fellow editors for her ability to stay focused and on top of deadlines. 

While sports, both at Brandeis and beyond, came to a halt during quarantine, she continued to be heavily involved with the paper, volunteering her time and effort to partake in the editing process, attending meetings, and providing support to those around her. Megan beautifully fulfilled the role of Sports editor for a total of two years, after which she chose to become an associate editor. As an associate editor, Megan continued to write for the sports section. She has interviewed several on-campus sports clubs and has continued her coverage of Brandeis sports teams. Megan has also provided invaluable support to the current leadership of the Sports section. 

Megan’s presence in the office during production night, meetings, and random times during the week will be greatly missed by all members of the Justice. 

Lynn Han has left her mark on both the Justice and Brandeis as a whole. She is graduating a year early with not one but two majors, all while she was rising through the ranks of the Copy section of the Justice. Lynn joined the paper in fall 2019 as a first year, and after showing both an enthusiasm for copyediting and a proficiency at catching all kinds of grammatical and formatting errors, she became an editorial assistant to the Copy section in spring 2021. Next, Lynn led the Copy section as one of the Copy editors through fall 2021, and her time as editor was characterized by her editing expertise, humor, and energy. 

Always humble and self-deprecating, Lynn is a powerhouse of intelligence, vitality, and determination, and she can always be counted on by her fellow editors to work hard, have a laugh, and do an amazing job (and complain about it nonetheless). It is impossible not to enjoy working alongside Lynn, and we at the Justice will miss her (and her chaotic good energy) next year.

River Hayes has been an integral part of the Justice family since her arrival at Brandeis. Joining the Copy section in her first semester, River was quickly recognized for her skill in editing articles and creating a positive environment and became Copy editor before the semester was out. During her time in the role, she cultivated a dedicated and competent staff through top-notch training, created and refreshed guides and how-tos, and helped transform the Justice into a fun, welcoming club. She also wrote several thought-provoking pieces, and took stunning photos for the paper. 

In recognition of her dedication and skill, River was made Deputy Editor in the spring of 2020. In this role, she has served on the paper’s executive board, where she has spearheaded the publication’s inclusivity and anti-racism efforts by coordinating workshops covering everything from trauma-informed reporting and diversity, equity, and inclusion practices to career-building. The Justice, and indeed Brandeis as a whole, is a better place thanks to River’s compassion, drive, excitement, and humor. Although we know she is off to do incredible things, she will be missed by all those whose lives she touched.

Noah Zeitlin has served as a crucial member to the inner-workings of the Justice. A miyear, Noah joined the photos section early during the spring semester of his freshman year. He quickly distinguished himself in his photography skills and began training to become Photography Editor, a position he held for over two years. Noah never failed to take advantage of a photo opportunity. He is known for his timeliness and efficiency.

Throughout his time at the Justice, Noah has distinguished himself as a photographer and a writer. He has frequently written stories, created photo stories, and has regularly compiled the Police Log. It is difficult to imagine the Justice without Noah. His stream of Slack messages and insight will be sorely missed. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 Justice editors and contributors! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. We are excited to see where your talent, passion, and diligence take you next.