It is bittersweet saying goodbye to our seniors after a year of navigating school and student journalism in a pandemic — bitter because we’re saying goodbye, but sweet because we’re so incredibly proud of them for getting through this year and making the most of it. Each of our graduating seniors has made invaluable contributions to the Justice. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. We as an editorial board want to take a moment to recognize each senior and celebrate their achievements. 

Andrew Baxter has been a great addition to the Justice team since he arrived in his freshman year, sending an email to a former Photography editor with hopes to “take photos for the Justice,” as he had for his high school newspaper. At that point, he became a staff photographer and soon became the editor of the photography section, a position he held for a year and a half. After his time as the Photography editor, Andrew became an associate editor, often helping to write and give opinions on topics that we were going to choose for the editorial of the week. People can always count on Andrew as someone who is there to make them smile and give words of encouragement. His positive attitude toward everything will be missedd.

Jocelyn Gould leaves incredibly large shoes to fill within the Justice. Her positive energy always left the office much more relaxed, calm and ready to tackle every challenge that is thrown our way. Jocelyn started her Justice tenure as a News reporter and then became an editor, where she made key contributions to a number of groundbreaking stories. Under her leadership, the News section further exploded into a source of truth for the University. 

It is after that time that Jocelyn stepped into the role of deputy editor and then into the role of editor in chief. Throughout the year, her leadership helped to further expand the paper in terms of increasing involvement, improving content quality and keeping everyone happy. She brought valuable insight to article writing and editing that will leave a legacy for many years to come. Jocelyn was absolutely critical in the transition of paper leadership amid the COVID-19 pandemic and as a senior editor has helped us to maintain a strong presence even though we have not been in person. We thank her for everything she has done for the Justice, and while we will certainly miss her, we know she will go on to do amazing things. 

Luke Liu has been an invaluable member of the Justice since he began writing reviews for what was then the Arts section in his sophomore year. With his talent for writing and pleasant demeanor, he quickly became editor of the section, renaming it “Arts & Culture” to better reflect its mission and content. After a successful tenure of highlighting all of the University’s artistic and cultural shows and offerings, Luke became managing editor, helping to guide our paper through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. His dedication to the paper is evident through his continuing contributions as a senior editor. 

In addition to the skills he demonstrated in his various positions, Luke is best known for his calm and steadfast personality. Amid the chaos of the office and throughout our transition to online-only publishing, Luke always remained a tranquil presence, his laid-back energy infectious. The value of his baked goods, corny jokes and good nature cannot be overstated. As much as the quality of our publication, Luke cared deeply about each of the people of the Justice, which was reflected in his patience as a teacher and generous acts for all. 

Eliana Padwa has changed the Justice with her passion for writing and her commitment to creating a welcoming and friendly office environment. Eliana first joined the Justice as a valuable member of the Copy team and became the editor for the Copy section soon after. Then, due to an unexpected absence, Eliana agreed to serve as Features editor, where she collaborated with multiple Brandeis clubs and organizations and covered key events in the greater Waltham community. Through her work, Eliana nurtured and guided the Features staff and all those around her and flawlessly demonstrated the importance of good journalism. For the past two years, Eliana has been working tirelessly as an associate editor to make the Justice more sociable. She has organized multiple social activities for editors and staff, including dinners and fun office hangouts. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Eliana has continued to find ways to bring the Justice community closer. She constantly shares wacky anecdotes that emphasize the importance of cherishing office culture and bringing excitement to those who have not had the opportunity to experience it in person. Just a few weeks ago, she spearheaded an effort to design Justice merch along with two other editors, which is one of the many legacies she leaves behind. Eliana’s lively personality and contagious laugh will be greatly missed in the office, or as she calls it, her apartment.  

Maya Zanger-Nadis has been an incredible asset to the Justice since she joined during her first year at Brandeis. She began in what is now the Arts & Culture section, where she covered a variety of events on and off campus, reviewed performances with gusto and interviewed artists and leaders in the Brandeis community. After her skills as a staff writer and her passion for the work were quickly realized, she was promoted to editor of the section, where she managed the Arts & Culture staff and continued producing weekly articles herself. After finishing her term as Arts & Culture editor, she became an associate editor. In this role, she continued writing articles, served as a mentor for other editors and provided valuable insight to the editorial board. Maya played an integral role in the Justice community during her time at Brandeis, constantly taking initiative and never backing down from a challenge. Her high energy, sense of humor and uplifting presence will be sorely missed.

Congratulations to the class of 2021 Justice editors and contributors! You should be proud. You’ve made your mark here at Brandeis and on the Justice, and we can’t wait to see where you’ll take your dedication, energy and creativity next.