The end of the year is very bittersweet. As we finish finals and the semester, Commencement approaches, which means that we have to say goodbye to our graduating editors. We thank all of our seniors for their work over their time with the Justice. As much as we will miss them, we are confident that they will go on to do amazing things in the future.

Amber Miles has made a lasting impact on the Justice, and she cemented her legacy through passion and dedication. Beginning her Justice career during the first semester of her first year, Amber quickly assumed the position of Forum editor and brought ethical and varied opinions to the section. Throughout her term as editor, she consistently brought commitment to the section, an approach that followed her for all four years at the Justice. 

After her term as Forum editor ended during her sophomore year, Amber trained and subsequently became the paper’s Managing editor for the 2017–2018 school year. As an advocate for journalistic ethics and integrity, she fought tirelessly for the respect of the institution of journalism while bringing her wit and sense of humor to brighten the office. It was at this time, and for the rest of her Justice career, that Amber began to write for News. 

Amber continued to serve on the Justice’s executive board during her senior year as a Senior editor, and she continued to play an essential role by providing counsel and expertise to the decision-making process. We will miss Amber’s presence around the office, but know she will succeed in her teaching career in the future, making a lasting impact on her students every single day — passing on the values that make her the amazing person that she is. 

Nia Lyn has been an asset to the Justice and has an incredible ability to stay calm through thick and thin. She began her journey at the Justice as a Forum writer, and through her commitment to strengthening her opinions with facts, eventually rose up to became the paper’s Forum editor. As editor, she maintained the integrity of the section with grace and an innate ability to communicate with her staff. If you get to know Nia, her fun sense of humor and sarcasm is hard to miss.

That brought her to her tenure as an Associate editor, where she remained deeply unflappable despite late production nights, missing Views on the News responses and heated editorial meetings. Through it all, Nia has served as a voice of reason on the paper — and added fun to the office. We will miss her and her memes!

Although he did not join the Justice until halfway through his junior year, Sam Stockbridge made his mark as an invaluable member of the paper. From the first article he wrote, covering the controversial playwright Michael Weller ’65 receiving the Creative Arts Award, Sam always dove into important and complicated stories on campus. He quickly became News editor, dedicated to helping his staff improve not only as journalists, but as writers as well. Yet he never stopped writing, making a name for himself with in-depth coverage of Student Union controversies and other campus news. Sam was dedicated to making sure that every article was as strong as it could be and to preserving and promoting journalistic ethics in our reporting. As he moved on to Associate editor, he has continued to contribute to and promote the News section.

In the office, Sam never failed to bring energy and humor to a late night. The office will not be the same without his puns, enthusiasm or book recommendations. We will miss him quietly playing everything, from jazz to classical to pop music, in the News corner and waxing poetic about the value of “The Elements of Style.” Most of all, we will miss his fierce commitment to journalism, which always pushed the Justice to be a better news organization. He can also be found on the Journalism minor’s website, doing what he loves — interviewing sources and pursuing a story.

Morgan Mayback joined the Justice in the fall of 2016 in her sophomore year. As Layout editor, she has made the Justice infinitely more visually interesting. Serving in that role  throughout her sophomore and into her junior year, she left her mark on every page she created. Shortly after stepping into the role of Associate editor during her junior year, she helped the Justice when an interim Layout editor was needed during her senior year. Her dedication to the paper did not go unnoticed. During editorial meetings, she was a voice full of wisdom, writing several editorials during her time as editor. The embodiment of a modern renaissance person, she even contributed cartoons to the Justice. 

During production nights, she has been a source of constant help and reassurance to frazzled section editors struggling with InDesign. Her eye for layout and graphic design has improved the Justice’s appearance and her clever in-house ads caught our readers’ eyes. Her friendly spirit has brightened the newspaper office during production nights. 

As we say goodbye to our editors from the Class of 2019, we also want to thank all seniors who have contributed to the Justice on our staff and as senior staff. Without every single person who contributes to this paper, the reporting, editing, layout and photography would not be possible. Thank you, and congratulations to the Brandeis University Class of 2019!