Brandeis students can now be spotted riding bright green bikes around campus thanks to DeisBikesLimeBike, a bike-sharing program newly launched on campus by the Student Union and Director of Sustainability Programs Mary Fischer. According to an Oct. 27 email to the Justice from Senate Chief Strategist Aaron Finkel, bringing a bike-sharing program to campus has been a priority for “well over a year.” This board applauds the Union and sustainability groups on campus for their initiative and encourages students who are interested to utilize the new service.

LimeBikes have been available on campus since Oct. 19, according to Finkel. Provided to the University at no cost by Lime, 16 LimeBikes are currently available at Brandeis, according to Finkel. The Senate Services and Outreach Committee is dedicated to marketing the service, and brought in LimeBike representatives to the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium on Oct. 23 to promote the company. We appreciate the steps taken to ensure that University students are aware of the new biking opportunity.

To use LimeBikes, students need to download the LimeBike app. Bikes are parked around campus, and the app contains a map of the nearest bikes. After locating a bike, users can scan the bike’s QR code to unlock and use it. Rides generally cost one dollar for every half hour, but students can get a 50 percent discount by logging in through a Brandeis email, according to Finkel.

Prior to LimeBike, University students had utilized DeisBikes, a student-run bike-sharing service. DeisBikes had been launched in March 2009 and was intended to decrease Brandeis’ carbon dioxide emissions by “installing and promoting biking culture,” providing greener means of transport and lessening reliance on fossil fuels, according to Brandeis Sustainability. 

The program was disbanded when the students running it graduated and, according to Finkel, LimeBike will hopefully be a “more permanent option” for Brandeis. Unlike the former bike-sharing service, LimeBike is more high-powered, with “electronic tracking devices, enhanced safety features, storage space … and a dedicated app,” per Finkel’s email. Like DeisBikes, DeisBikesLimeBike provides a sustainable outlet for transportation and recreational exercise. We appreciate the Union’s and Brandeis Sustainability’s continued dedication to providing environmentally-friendly transportation options for students.

This board is optimistic about the LimeBike program, and we look forward to seeing its impact on campus.