This past week, the Brandeis MakerLab raised $6,000 through a crowdfunding campaign. Created in 2014, the MakerLab is central to much of Brandeis’ pursuit of new and emerging technologies, and is responsible for advances in the field of 3D printing, robotics and drones. This board recognizes the importance of the MakerLab and commends the Brandeis community members involved in this innovative campus resource. 

The MakerLab has already contributed immensely to the Brandeis community; it has partnerships with 20 different research laboratories and is involved in the teaching of 12 different University courses. The lab is also active in the world of social justice; a Feb. 13 Justice article detailed how the MakerLab allowed the Brandeis Prosthesis Club to create prosthetic hands for children with physical disabilities. It is this type of work that showcases the positive influence of the MakerLab. This board recognizes the success and impact the MakerLab has had for the University and the greater community as a whole.   

While many universities across the country have institutions similar to the MakerLab, the Brandeis MakerLab is unique. In the Brandeis spirit of combining liberal arts with top-tier research, the MakerLab has not stayed only within the realm of STEM principles. Instead, it has ventured out into different types of disciplines, such as creating 3D printing models of molecules for the Biology Department, using state-of-the-art technologies in scanning for the Archeology Department and Virtual Reality for the Arts. Additionally, as demonstrated by the work of the Brandeis Prosthesis Club, the MakerLab has not been constrained by the pursuit of research and also has begun to use its work to contribute to the community. Social justice has become a pillar of the MakerLab’s work. 

Even with the complex and impressive accomplishments of the MakerLab, it remains accessible to all. The technology does not require engineering or sophisticated programming knowledge. The MakerLab could be incorporated into many academic or professional interests. This board commends those that have taken up the challenge and explored the MakerLab and encourages more students to do so. We also applaud those that have noted the work of the MakerLab and donated to its crowdfunding campaign.