“Metamorphosis,” based on the novella by Franz Kafka and adapted by Steven Berkoff, follows a hardworking traveling salesperson who wakes up one morning and realizes they have turned into a disgusting insect. According to Sivan Spector ’18, the play will show this transformation through the deterioration of the person’s mental health and relationship with the rest of their family. Spector, who is directing the play writes, “This play speaks to the way capitalism destroys us emotionally and tears us away from our humanity.” See “Metamorphosis” in the Shapiro Campus Center theater Oct. 6 through the 8th.

Coming this Halloween season, prepare for “Blithe Spirit,” directed by Marek Haar ’20. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever wanted to communicate with the other side? Ever wonder what happens when a man’s ex-wife materializes from the dead to wreak hilarious haunting havoc upon him and his new spouse? Mischief and magic! Lunacy and laughter! See “Blithe Spirit,” Oct. 19 through the 22nd!

Go see Brandeis’ student-run Shakespearean theater group, Hold Thy Peace’s, production of “Hamlet” this fall. Director Abi Pont ’19 takes the well-known Shakespearean play and will reinvigorate it with a modern twist and a change of antagonist. Catch “Hamlet” Oct. 26 through the 29th in the Merrick theater.

“The Sparrow,” directed by Leah Sherin ’19 tells the story of Emily Book, a small-town girl returning home ten years after a terrible accident that took the lives of her entire second grade elementary school class, as stated by Sherin. As the townspeople struggle to accept the girl who reminds them of their loss, Emily tries to hide the special powers that make her different. The Sparrow will be performed Nov. 2 through the 5th in the Shapiro Campus Center theater.

Go see the Undergraduate Theater Collective’s “Once Upon a Mattress,” a hilarious musical re-telling of the beloved tale, “The Princess and the Pea,” directed by Sarah Salinger-Mullen ’19. Following an unorthodox princess, a naive prince and a king that communicates exclusively through charades; “Once Upon a Mattress” is sure to enthrall and delight audiences. Catch the royal tale Nov. 16 through Nov. 19 in the Shapiro Campus Center theater.

Hold Thy Peace’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” directed by Gabe Walker ’19, will be told as a psychedelic soap opera, exploring the subject matter through intensified music and visual themes. Walker writes, “I cannot wait to kick this season off, there’s so much great, imaginative theatre happening on campus this semester.” Catch this classic Shakespearean play imbued with modern artistic choices in the Multipurpose Room of the Shapiro Campus Center Dec. 1 through the 3rd.