Over the years, the Justice has been fortunate to have many dedicated editors, and this year, we must bid farewell to four of the best. These editors have been an invaluable contribution to the paper, and as they leave Brandeis to begin the next chapters of their lives, this board reflects on their time here and commends them on their achievements.

Fierce yet fiercely friendly, Morgan Brill has been an integral part of the Justice during all four of her years at Brandeis. Recognizing her immense potential, then-Photography Editor Josh Horowitz ’14 placed Morgan on the fast track to becoming the Photography editor within mere weeks of her joining the photos staff. From there, she quickly rose to the position of full Photography editor and trained not only her co-editor but also their two successors and even the current Photography editor in later years. After her tenure as the Photography editor, Morgan went on to fill the position of the Justice’s production editor. During her time as the production editor, Morgan worked to improve the office’s workflow efficiency in putting out the paper every week. From there, Morgan rose to the rank of deputy editor while briefly doubling up as the acting Photography editor in order to fill a temporary vacancy. As deputy editor, in addition to advising and guiding the Justice’s leadership, Morgan focused on improving recruitment and retention within the paper. Working closely with section editors, she has been able to bolster the Justice’s recruitment numbers and retention rates this semester. Morgan leaves the Justice to start what promises to be an exciting and challenging life in Washington D.C. While her unique brand of quick wit and cheeky humor will be dearly missed around the office, she leaves behind a legacy of editors with a matching zeal for lighthearted sass.

Jessica Goldstein brought endless joy and patience with her to the roles of Forum editor and associate editor. She began writing for the Justice during her first semester on campus and continued to do so through graduation. Jessica’s political knowledge made her a skilled and informed editor who successfully communicated with her writers while also cultivating a personal connection. Jessica’s kindness and lighthearted spirit made her a fun addition to Justice meetings. Bouncy balls, bubbles and spray paint are all legacies she may claim. As an associate editor, Jessica was always willing to lend a hand to other sections. Her political and artistic insight helped many editors improve their sections.

Outside of the Justice, Jessica is a fantastic friend and fascinating individual. Her unwavering commitment to humanity has led her to make tremendous strides in her advocacy work, and as an artist, she has created powerful and moving pieces. We are immensely proud of Jessica and all she has accomplished while at Brandeis. We will miss her and hope she will come to visit us often. Her generosity of spirit, determination and passion will surely carry her far, and we can’t wait to see what she does.

Throughout his time at the Justice, Max Moran worked tirelessly to ensure that the paper’s content was as accurate and thorough as possible through hands-on leadership and strong relationships with subjects and sources. Max transitioned seamlessly from the Forum section to editing other sections of the paper as well, quickly mastering News style and channeling his passion for arts and theater into reporting for the Arts section. During his tenure as editor in chief, Max oversaw coverage of the University’s search for a new president and faculty unionization. Walking into the Justice office at any time of day or night to find Max typing away at a computer or pacing around the room on the phone with a source was a regular occurrence during his time as editor. Max’s strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to journalistic ideals continue to inspire the Justice’s writers and editors.

Max is a passionate journalist, a leader by example and a skillful writer. Beyond that, however, he is also a great friend who is always willing to lend a hand or provide moral support. We will miss having Max in the office — even his impromptu “Hamilton” serenades — and we look forward to seeing him accomplish great things in the future, starting with his new job at a radio station in Atlanta.

Rachel Sharer has been the resident cool kid, stunning us all with her awesome Instagram posts and social media savvy. Rachel led the News section before returning from abroad and stepping up as online editor this past year. Her writing, editing and reporting skills have been a key feature in the newsroom. Under her guidance, the paper was able to expand its social media presence, and we have been #soblessed to have her manning our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Though she was off living a fabulous life for most of this past semester, her visits to the office were always cherished, and her amazing sense of humor was appreciated. The staff will surely miss her tech skills and witty comments next year as we struggle to find someone as talented as Rachel. We know she will excel in the real world, and we can’t wait to see what she is capable of.

This board will miss these talented individuals dearly, and we thank them for all their time and hard work over the years. We also wish to express gratitude to all of our graduating staff members who have worked in conjunction with our editors to put out the paper every week, and we look forward to hearing about what they do with the adventures ahead of them. This board also recognizes the numerous accomplishments of all the students in the graduating class and applauds their hard work. With Senior Week and commencement festivities now drawing to a close, we congratulate all who graduated with the Class of 2017 and wish them the best.