Now that Commencement proceedings have drawn to a close, this board would like to extend its congratulations to the University’s accomplished Class of 2016. We would also like to recognize and honor the Justice’s recent graduates who have contributed so much to this paper.

Avi Gold has been the glue that has held the Justice together. Whether it was his year-long tenure from January 2014 to December 2014 as the sports editor or his time as as the managing editor from August 2015 to April 2016, Avi did everything. He was always willing to help everyone with senior reads, printing, computer or layout problems and, overall, all means of distraction. Always quick to make a joke and provide underrated humorous comments, Avi kept the mood of the office loose but still productive. He leaves a big hole behind, requiring the rest of the staff to step up their game. While he will be beginning a new adventure in Israel, we know that he will always be our Avi — sitting on the couch watching video games while playing “Madden” on his phone.

Hannah Wulkan has been the resident mom of the office, whether through reminding the other editors to eat dinner or doling out some tough love in the wee hours of the morning. Hannah led the News section before joining the “Brain Trust” as deputy editor, and her sage advice — and delightfully sassy comments — will surely be missed in the newsroom next year. She leaves behind great shoes to fill, and no doubt all of her “dreices” and “drephews” — and her “draughter” — will think of her when it’s time to give senior gifts; one of her greatest feats to date, besides beating everyone at arm wrestling, was finagling a donation out of her notorious frenemy, Avi Gold. We know Hannah will excel in the outside world, and we cannot wait to see what she is capable of.

Jaime Kaiser led the Justice’s Features section from February 2013 through September 2014, and after enjoying a semester abroad, she returned to serve as a crucial associate editor. Jaime’s fluid and illustrative writing captured scenes and drama like no one else on the paper’s, and her gentle nature and friendly demeanor made plenty of interview subjects feel welcome and relaxed, as well as keeping the office calm and collected on every hectic Monday night. The fierceness of Jaime’s editorial writing contrasted entirely with her helpful and warm personality, and the whole office will miss her presence. 

From budding photographer to Photos editor, Grace Kwon helped lead the Photos section with excitement and utmost “grace.” Whether it be photographing the thrills of Springfest or designing eye-catching Arts covers, Grace did it and did it well. After her tenure as Photos editor, she continued on to bigger and better things, always eager to lend a helping hand around the office. She co-founded #mihirkhannawannallama and contributed her artistic touch to the Forum section with her minimalistic cartoons — testaments to her versatility within the Justice. Grace leaves behind a “CamFam” legacy like no other, with Justice children and grandchildren who stick together because of her tender maternal care. And even though she has left the Photos Corner to attend the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, she is never too far to pay a visit. We cannot wait to see what this new chapter in life has in store for her — and, let’s be honest, her Instagram flow. 

A talented visual designer, Rebecca Lantner brought vivid colors and images to each and every issue as Layout editor and associate editor. Although adept at figuring out the puzzle of fitting all the articles on a page, she was particularly fascinated by the challenge of creating infographics that conveyed important details and statistics in a compelling manner. Rebecca’s attention to detail was legendary. As the layout editor, Rebecca would often be one of the last to leave the office, going home at 3 or 4 a.m., only after ensuring each page was perfect. As an associate editor, Rebecca was a great role model and teacher who has made it hard for anyone to fill her shoes.

A champion of feminism and the Oxford comma, Catherine Rosch has been one of the Justice’s most versatile contributors. She has not only led the paper as a copy editor and an associate editor but also created original Justice cartoons, been featured in Views on the News, and written for the Sports, Arts, and Forum sections. The Justice office will not be the same without Catherine’s expert knowledge of an impressive variety of topics — ranging from memes to terrorism to the Irish education system — her unwavering enthusiasm, and her impeccable grammar. We look forward to hearing about all the great achievements Catherine is sure to realize, and we hope to see her return as a frequent visitor to the University.

Poised and polished, Brianna Majsiak led the Features section with an incredible amount of grace and talent before becoming an associate editor. Every editor and writer can attest to her unfailing sweetness and generosity. Whether Brianna was baking cookies for her section meetings or helping soothe other editors in their most frantic moments, her kindness extended beyond just the newspaper. Many envy her ability as a writer, and it has been a privilege to watch and learn from her. We are so proud that she will be attending the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in the fall, and we know that she will do amazing things.

Emily Wishingrad served as an editor for the Justice’s Arts section from October 2013 to May 2015 and then as the online editor for the 2015 to 2016 school year. During her time at the Justice, Emily contributed articles on all walks of art forms, from Rose Art Museum galleries to theater to campus cultural events. In each of her articles, Emily included impressive and memorable details that would make the Arts events come to life as the reader read them. Emily was extremely flexible and patient with all of the Justice staff and editors. She had a contagious sense of humor and her laughs lit up the whole Justice office even on the most tiring of production nights. We will miss her and her friendly personality greatly, and we hope she comes to visit often.

Talia Zapinsky, the leader of the advertising team, will surely be missed. She exhibited great talent in advertising for the Justice, and she taught her successors well and acted as a mother figure. She will be greatly missed, especially during those times where we need her guidance. We hope she takes what she has learned from advertising and markets herself well! 

This board and the Justice staff will miss these extraordinary editors, and we wish them well with their future adventures as they go out into the world.