Last Thursday, Michael Corn, the deputy chief information officer of Library and Technology Services, announced in an email that two new technology services are available to the Brandeis community—Box and Gartner.

While Box is a service that will allow those with a Brandeis email address to save and share information securely, Gartner is a resource that will make research about technology—such as markets and industries—accessible to the Brandeis community. Adding these two services to the slew of those already available through LTS enables greater knowledge, communication and application of research to current projects. This board is very excited to see these opportunities come to fruition for our peers and professors.

We also see these two new services as another way to cater to the same interest as does the Hassenfeld Innovation Center at the International Business School—another new offering that the University unveiled this fall. The goal of the center was to cultivate a climate of entrepreneurship by "using research by faculty, students and post-doctoral fellows to increase outreach within professional and corporate spheres," according to a Nov. 25 Justice editorial. In November, this board endorsed the center, which is run through IBS and the Office of Technology and Licensing and overseen by Provost Lisa Lynch.

We are pleased that the new technology services will pick up on the momentum that the center began—but while the center caters to mostly IBS students, the technology services will be available for the entire Brandeis community. As Corn wrote in his email, Gartner will supply a "discussion of markets and market trends invaluable as background research for classes." This sort of information access can help professors and teaching assistants as well, Corn wrote, suggesting that it can "improve requests for proposals and support purchase decisions."

We also see room for Gartner to aid students who are pursuing thesis or research projects in technology or business-related topics. This editorial board commends the new services provided for the Brandeis community by LTS.