On Oct. 17, Brandeis Athletics published a video on the Brandeis Athletics website as part of the You Can Play campaign, which works to ensure equality, respect and safety for all athletes regardless of sexual orientation. In the video, each of the University’s 19 varsity teams pledge not to tolerate discrimination.

This editorial board commends the University and the Athletics department for taking a strong stand on such an important issue. Brandeis’ mission is one of inclusion and diversity, and we hope that this project will successfully work to further this goal. In the words of Louis Brandeis, as quoted in the video, “America has believed that in differentiation, not in uniformity, lies the path of progress.” 

We urge the entire Brandeis community who not only take part in not only athletics but any activity on campus to continue thinking about what they can do to make Brandeis a welcoming place, where all are judged on their effort and athletic merits rather than their sexual orientation or any other feature of who they are.

As one student-athlete said in the video published last week, “There is no place for discrimination with the Judges.” We believe that this rings true for every part of the University, and projects like this video help ensure that the culture at Brandeis remains open and welcoming to all.