To the Editor:While it is very clear that Matthew Israel and the Judge Rotenberg Center have good intentions, I believe that Israel fails to see the great moral dilemma presented by the shocking of children.

Life cannot be divided into a simple equation that weighs the "risks and rewards" that he keeps on referring to. There are complexities that arise when dealing with the question of whether it is appropriate or not to electrocute children, fully abled or not. Israel takes the Machiavellian approach. It doesn't matter to him what pain is inflicted on these people; all that matters is the final product, the final result.

I cannot accept this, and for this reason I support the efforts of the Brandeis Students Against the Judge Rotenberg Center.

There are other options.

-Lev Hirschhorn '11

The writer is a member of Brandeis Students

against the Judge Rotenberg Center.