This year, the Office of Student Financial Aid is offering an enticing opportunity for student leaders at this university. The Brandeis Achievement Award is the brainchild of Union Vice President Erica Lemansky '05, and was developed by the Union over the past year in order to recognize student leaders and student commitment. Ten awards of $5,000 per semester will be awarded to eligible applicants.Vice President of Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy, Assistant Dean of Student Life Alwina Bennett and financial aid director Peter Giumette were also instrumental in the process of bringing this scholarship opportunity to Brandeis students.

Thanks to Lemansky and supporters in the staff and administration, a unique opportunity has been created for students. Brandeis has always been an institution that fosters and welcomes leadership, and many students have made important contributions towards bettering the University for their peers. That this effort is not only being recognized, but also concretely awarded monetarily is truly impressive.

Many students made contributions to their respective high schools and home communities in years past, and these efforts resulted in entry to a top tier university and, in some cases, scholarship and grant awards. However, once accepted to Brandeis, there is little to reward the time and energy spent in order to make a difference. The fledgling Brandeis Achievement Award will be not only a thank you to the movers and shakers in the school, but will also be a welcome alleviation to their tuition bills.

The Brandeis experience includes a top level education, but student involvement and leadership have always been a University hallmark. The award clearly demonstrates a level of understanding of this experience by the Union government, administration and staff that helped made this award a reality. Students should be mindful of the unique nature of the award and of the generosity of the prize's sum. This page encourages eligible students to apply and to take advantage of this new opportunity.