The Justice Editorial Board would like to say goodbye to our four graduating seniors. We wish congratulations to them and thank them for their time on the board during their Brandeis careers. They will each be deeply missed.Jeremy Hamburgh has been on board over two and a half years following a lengthy term as an assistant in the sports section. He served as sports editor and as associate editor during his time, and has truly been a center of gravity for this board. A voice from editorial boards of the past, Jeremy never loses sight of tradition nor vision for the future. He is a trusted and admired individual. Jeremy's gift for articulation as a writer and speaker is remarkable and will be missed in our pages and in our meetings. We have no doubt that he will flourish next year at Brooklyn School of Law and in the future. When it comes to the Justice, Jeremy always wants to be on top and never fails to rise to the occasion.

Evan Lerner has spent the shortest time on our board, but has certainly made his mark. As a columnist, his words challenged us and made us examine how we view our school and ourselves. Evan came to our board as forum editor during a time of crisis and has been a stabilizing force for our paper ever since. He is a gifted writer and innovative thinker who is not afraid to offer controversial opinions, but is also is equally accepting of the opinions of others. His eagerness to step up in whatever capacity he can whenever he is needed has made a lasting impression. GeneWatch Magazine is lucky to have his talents as their editor next year. Live long and prosper, Evan.

Andrew Meyerson has served as photo editor for over a year, and has been a major contributor in making the Justice a finer product for the Brandeis community during his time as editor and in the entirety of his four years as a photographer. Andrew has consistently gone above and beyond his duties, and he is always willing to be a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to lean on. His enthusiasm, creativity, sense of humor and resolution has made him an irreplaceable asset to this board. With an almost dizzying style, Andrew's work has become a trademark. He is a pillar of strength to this board and to his community, as his abilities as a communicator and mediator are exemplary. As a fifth year graduate student he won't be rid of us just yet, and we are thrilled to get one more year of his time, his energy and his low-carb convictions.

Elana Margulies has served on the editorial board for a whopping three-and-a-half years as features editor and then as associate editor. Elana made great strides in continuing to strength The Justice Alumni Association over the past year as well as to offer guidance and insight to the board as the "grandmother" figure. After spending the second semester of her junior year in Madrid, Elana returned to the board with worldly insights and continued dedication. We marvel at her responsible attitude towards the Justice and at the diligence she shows in all aspects of her life. Elana seems pensive at times and consistently keeps an even and open mind, though we're sure that deep down there's a devil waiting to break out. We wish her the best of luck in pursuing a successful career in journalism, though we're sure she won't need it.

We also would like to offer our congratulations to past senior editors Jackie Hendries, Devorah Klein, Shaw Lupton and Rob Siegel. Best of luck to them and to the entire Class of 2004.