We would like to extend our congratulations to President elect of the Student Union Mark Schlangel '05. Sweeping the election with more votes than all the other candidates combined, it is clear that Schlangel's campaign had a major impact on the student body. Schlangel's experiences as an active member of the Brandeis community will hopefully contribute to a successful term as President of the Student Union. The fact that he served as an Orientation Leader and participates in multiple campus organizations is a testament to Schlangel's accessibility and his commitment to involvement in the Brandeis community. He also served as a member of the Finance Board from 2002-2003 and was Chairman of the board this past year. The relationships Schlangel has forged with club leaders will help him accomplish many of the goals he articulated during his campaign.

The overriding theme of Schlangel's platform was to increase the transparency of the Student Union and to strengthen clubs on campus, highlighting the need for diversity training for club and organizational leaders.

In addition to these goals, Schlangel stressed the importance of making improvements in smaller areas of student life such as lowering textbook prices, expanding the off-campus reach of Whocash and extending BranVan service to outside of Waltham.

We hope that Schlangel will live up to one of his campaign slogans by "working long and hard for [us]." We are confident that if he holds himself to his proposed standards, the Brandeis community will be a better place.