The Justice would like to extend a warm welcome to the first-ever Brandeis University midyear class. We are excited about the new students who have just arrived on campus. We realize that arriving at college for the first time is challenging. But it is even more difficult to arrive at a time when friendships have been made and when fellow first-years have had a semester to acclimate to this new environment. We applaud the midyear students' enthusiasm in getting involved and wanting to become important members of this community.

Even though they have arrived after a semester has already been completed, we know the midyear students have much to offer Brandeis as a university and as a community. We know this class will be an asset to our school.

We are happy that midyear orientation has helped welcome these new students to the University. From going to see the hilarious murder mystery Shear Madness in Boston to the event-packed Winter Week, it is clear that these 76 new students are being welcomed with open arms into our University.

Midyear classes are not unprecedented in the world of higher education. In fact, many colleges and universities -both larger and smaller than Brandeis - take part in this practice. Schools like Wheaton, Rochester, Washington University, and many more are participating in this growing trend.

Although Dean of Admissions Deena Whitfield could not be reached for comment, there are obvious monetary benefits to the University. The University must be pleased that empty beds left by students studying abroad are now being filled. It is also pleasing to see that midyear students are being well received into previously settled residence halls.

The presence of new students on a campus where everybody knows each other's face is always welcome. There are now more people to participate in and improve our community.

We challenge not only these midyears, but also all students to get involved in the Brandeis community. Brandeis has a club for every occasion and interest, from dancing to cultural clubs to political organizations. These clubs provide endless outlets for any and every type of student. We also encourage students to get involved in the various media outlets on campus including this newspaper. A new voice is always welcome.

We also urge midyear students to get involved in the community outside of Brandeis, both in Waltham and in downtown Boston. From volunteering to simply enjoying the two cities, the greater community has many wonderful things to offer.

Our community has so many things to offer. We urge to take advantage of everything around you and enjoy your college experience.