The inflammatory comments that appeared in the Justice touched off a firestorm that divided this campus. Despite the high emotions that ran rampant, Assistant Dean of Student Life Alwina Bennett was able to maintain her composure while the rest of the campus was engaging in heated argument. As both a newspaper and a group of students enduring a difficult time, we needed a sympathetic ear to listen to us and help us through. We waited for the administration to approach us, but no one was forthcoming except for Bennett. She took it upon herself to attend all events, was the only administrator at the open forum we hosted and also came into our office to inquire as to our personal well-being. She remained respectfully neutral as she kept a close eye on both sides, making sure that everyone was mentally safe and sound.

Much more than any other administrator, Alwina Bennett is truly part of Brandeis University life. She lives in the Foster Mods, spends her spare time talking to all the students around her and is genuinely concerned that we are happy and healthy. She works harder than anyone else to make sure that her students are getting what she considers to be the best Brandeis experience possible, and she is satisfied with nothing less.

The Justice thanks Bennett for her tireless dedication and her unbiased and non-partisan counseling to all students on campus. More than just saying that she cares, she actually demonstrates her commitment, especially in difficult situations.

She clearly sees that in situations like the one that happened last week, there are not just parties involved, but also people. We hope that more administrators will learn from her shining example and take a genuine interest in student affairs. The spirit that Bennett embodies helps create an environment that makes all of us feel like we belong.