Losing a fellow student is never easy, especially in a small, close-knit campus where everyone's presence is felt. When we learned of the death of Mary I. Jagoda '05, last week, reporters and editors here noted an overwhelming sense of grief and shock that spread quickly through the University. Mary, 20, and her friend, Sarah Aronoff, 19, were reported missing after a kayaking trip near Chatham, Mass. last Sunday. After an intense search and rescue effort, Mary was later found having drowned. Sarah is still reported as missing.

The Brandeis community gathered at Chapel's Pond last Wednesday to remember Mary, who was widely regarded around campus as being charming and ambitious.

Mary's loss will have a profound effect and Brandeis and the Justice would like to extend its sincerest condolences to Mary's family and friends.

We will not soon forget Mary and the impression she left on our university.