The Justice Editorial Board would like to congratulate the Muslim Student Association (MSA) on being granted a new adviser, Professor Qamar Ul-Huda. This appointment was a result of a petition to the University last year requesting a mentor, better funding and a dignified prayer room for Muslim students on campus. The fulfillment of the MSA's requests were made possible by the strong support of Brandeis students, faculty and staff alike.While we commend the actions taken to reduce inequity between religious representation on campus, there needs to be further steps taken for minority students to gain the respect and consideration they deserve. Currently, Brandeis houses three chapels, none of which are designated for the Muslim prayer. While the Jewish, Catholic and Protestant students each have their own respective house of prayer, the Muslim students must resort to praying in the basement of Gordon Hall in North Quad.

It is unfortunate to hear that the needs of Muslim students been neglected for so long.The hiring of a new mentor is only the first step toward improving the religious equity on campus.