After many recent episodes of commuter students receiving parking tickets or walking back from classes to find their cars towed, the University must designate more parking spaces for commuter students.

According to Brandeis' Parking and Traffic Regulations, students who drive to school receive a commuter pass that allows them to park their cars in G-Lot, P-Lot or T-Lot during the school week. But T-Lot, for example, is also the place where many Brandeis faculty and staff members park. Therefore, commuters who have parking permits for T-Lot may not find a space there if they do not arrive on campus first thing in the morning.

Since X-Lot, a place where students who live on-campus park their cars, is the next closest parking lot to T-Lot, commuter students are forced to park there. In recent weeks, Brandeis Police have ticketed cars in X-Lot with T- Lot commuter passes, and in a few cases, even went as far as towing some vehicles.

Though often ignored, students who may not live at Brandeis but study here are vital to our community. That they should commute here only to have trouble finding a place to park is absurd. They shouldn't have to sit in class worrying about being towed. Brandeis University Public Safety must find ways to accommodate commuter students so they won't receive parking tickets or so their cars won't get towed.