The Brandeis community will extend its deepest sympathy for the death of student athlete Jean Joseph Reginald "Reggie" Poyau '04 at a memorial service which will take place this Thursday.While Studying abroad last semester in Senegal, he, along with some friends decided to take a trip to a region south of the Gambodia River. He had trouble swimming, and his friends were unable to rescue him.

Friends, family and the Brandeis community remember Payou in a positive light. Payou, from Brockton, Massachusetts, was an open-minded person who liked to travel and explore different cultures. He worked hard and was determined in all aspects of life, including track and field and academics. In addition, he was always concerned about the well being of others.

Still, he never took material things for granted, never asking for or wanting more, and was always content with what he had, as he would make exceptional efforts to spend time with his friends.

Brandeis will always hold a special place in its heart for Poyau and the contributions he made to the University.