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Maddox Kay

Discourage voters from supporting sexual assailants

As Moore’s campaign rolls on, defended by Alabama voters, we must question why we hold entertainers to moral standards but let politicians off the hook. If we find sexual assault and misconduct universally detestable, don’t these crimes deserve universal condemnation? 

Acknowledge societal benefits of increased happiness

According to an Oct. 27 New York Times opinion piece, we do. Ruth Whippman asserts that “good social relationships are the strongest, most consistent predictor there is of a happy life,” and also that “the average American spends barely more than half an hour a day on social communication.” So where’s the disconnect? The problem with happiness is that we simply don’t value it. We say we do, of course, because saying we don’t care would be blasphemous. But by the numbers, happiness is far down the societal priority list as income inequality and a competitive, numbers-driven society pressures us economically. 

Criticize President Trump’s poor response to Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico and the Lesser Antilles on Sept. 20, and President Donald Trump has already suggested that we pull aid. Just weeks before, Hurricane Harvey blasted Texas and the Caribbean. Both hurricanes caused devastation, but the response from the White House could not be more different 

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