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Sunday, March 26, 2017


<p><strong></strong><strong>BOLD HUMOR</strong>: Marga Gomez did not avoid uncomfortable topics in her stand-up comedy show.</p>

Looking for a laugh

<p><strong></strong><strong>PREVENTING DISEASE:</strong> Jiang reflected on the low prominence of vaccinations in Peru.</p>

A Helping Hand

What's so bad about LSD?

<p><strong></strong><strong>THE WHOLE FAMILY:</strong> One of Prof. Donald Katz (NBIO) and Prof. Teresa Mitchell’s (PSYC) favorite memories is flying to meet their son for the first time.</p>

Campus Power Couples

<p><strong></strong><strong>UNTOLD STORIES</strong>: Kathy Kleiman discussed her documentary on the six female programmers behind a military computer.</p>

Pioneering Programmers

<p><strong></strong><strong>CANDID CONVERSATION:</strong> Rebecca Walker (right) talked about the need for the inclusion of women of color’s voices in the media.</p>

Looking Through “Transparent”

<p>ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE ALUMNAE: Carly Greenberg BA ’11 MA’12 (Right), Elena Reinholtz ’11 (Center) and Hannah Saltman ’12 (Left) discussed how they think about the environment  when investing.</p>

Investing for a Cause

<p><strong>SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS:</strong> Students took turns explaining what social justice means to them.</p>

Forging Paths

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