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Saturday, June 24, 2017


Exploring Immigration

PROUD PROFESSOR: Marci McPhee introduced her students at the Immigrant Practicum Presentation.

Exploring Immigration

<p><strong></strong><strong>PARTNERS IN HYDRATION:</strong> Max Keilson ’13 (R) and Jonathan Epstein ’14 (L) launched a line of beverages.</p>

Sip on That

<p><strong>WIDE SMILES</strong>: Amanda Zehner M.A. ’11 (second from left) stands with some of the artisans she works with.</p>

Weaving together

Finding his voice

Where Creativity Counts

<p><strong></strong><strong>CROSSING THE FINISH</strong>: Saint Cyr Dimanche ’19 crosses the finish line with energy left to spare.</p>

Running down the clock

<p><strong></strong><strong>CLUB FOUNDERS:</strong> Tamar Lieberman ’19 and Lily Swartz ’20 talk about their passion for veganism.</p>

Veg Out

<p><strong></strong><strong>TRIVIA STARS:</strong> Different members of the Brandeis Quiz Bowl Team specialize in different areas of trivia.</p>

Stay Inquizitive

<p><strong></strong><strong>PRACTICED PRINTERS</strong>: Competitors came from other universities to participate in the Printathon.</p>

Fit to Print

<p><strong></strong><strong>CREATING CHANGE</strong>: Rev. Jeffrey Brown’s work is partially responsible for the “Boston Miracle,” a twenty-nine month period in which there were no juvenile homicides.</p>

Miracle Maker

<p><strong>ROW LIKE THE WIND:</strong> The Brandeis Rowing Team is preparing for the Dad Vail Regatta.</p>

Ready, Set, Row!

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