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Misinformed editorial promotes rape culture issues

Angela Acevedo and Cecile Afable and Ariella Assouline and Ava Blustein and Evelyn Milford
(04/28/15 3:09am)

In response to the April 21, 2015 editorial “Reform sexual assault judicial practices” by the Justice Editorial Board: Brandeis Students Against Sexual Violence would like to correct the misinformation provided and speak to the harm this editorial poses to survivors and our community.

EDITORIAL: Applaud University campus climate survey

The Justice Editorial Board
(04/28/15 4:37am)

Last Wednesday, the Office of the Provost emailed the student body a link to a survey sponsored by the Provost’s office and the senior vice president for students and enrollment, entitled the “Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Violence.” This board endorses this survey as a positive step toward informed and meaningful action to combat sexual violence at Brandeis and urges the entire student body to participate before the survey ends tomorrow.

Views on the News: Armenian genocide

(04/28/15 4:45am)

Last Tuesday, President Obama called for “a full, frank and just acknowledgement” by the Turkish government that this year marks a century following what Obama called the “massacres of Armenians.” Beginning on April 24, 1915, the Ottoman Turks ordered the deportation of Christian Armenians for fear of their potential alliance with Russia during World War I, leading to the deaths of some 1.5 million.

Defend expression and diversity through Brandeis education

David Getz
(05/19/15 3:18am)

As graduation draws near, I would hate to depart this special community with unshared feelings. With the intention of originally molding my thoughts into a commencement speech, I’ve turned to writing this Op-Ed as a reflection on my past four years as a scholar, peer and champion of our university. I want to begin with a modification of what has become an international iconic expression of individuality and a celebration of diversity and free expression:Je suis Brandeis.

Condemn government incompetence in EPA chemical spill

Mark Gimelstein
(08/24/15 10:47pm)

Government…what’s it good for? Turns out, not much. The latest evidence supporting that notion is the disaster caused by the Environmental Protection Agency.In early August, the EPA, the supreme protectors of the environment that they are, single-handedly jeopardized the life of an entire river and the networks to which it connects.

Criticize Obama’s flawed promotion of US-Iran nuclear deal

Dor Cohen
(08/24/15 10:52pm)

Action was announced between the P5+1 countries and Iran on July 14, President Barack Obama has faced stiff opposition to the deal that he hopes will constitute his foreign policy legacy.As such, it is understandable that he tries, arms swinging, to reassure the American people and Congress that the deal curbs the Iranian nuclear threat.