Medical Emergency

Oct. 13—University Police and BEMCo responded to a report of an unconscious student in the Village with a severe finger laceration. Officers on the scene reported that the laceration was minor and that the student was conscious and alert. BEMCo staff treated the party with a signed refusal for further care.

Oct. 14—A college-aged male reportedly dislocated the ring finger on his right hand while playing flag football on the athletic fields. University Police and BEMCo responded. The party was treated on-scene and transported to Newton-Wellesley Hospital by police cruiser for further care.

Oct. 16—A female party entered the University Police station and said a male in her car was intoxicated and needed help. Officers checked on the male and called BEMCo to the scene. The patient was treated, and Cataldo Ambulance transported the student to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for further care. Police notified the community development coordinator on call.

Oct. 18—A male party reportedly dislocated his shoulder while participating in a sporting activity on the athletic fields. BEMCo requested Cataldo Ambulance, and the party was treated and transported to Newton-Wellesley Hospital. The CDC was notified.

Oct. 19—Police received a report of an intoxicated male in a Shapiro Hall bathroom. University Police and BEMCo responded, and BEMCo treated the party on-scene. Cataldo Ambulance transported the party to Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and the CDC was notified.


Oct. 16—A student in North Quad reported a stolen wallet. Police compiled a report on the theft. The student later told police that his wallet had been recovered.

Oct. 18—A student reported that his camera had gone missing from Sherman Dining Hall while left unattended. University Police compiled a report on the incident and checked the Sherman Dining Hall lost and found.


Oct. 15—University Police received a call reporting that students had discovered a bong inside a suite in Rosenthal South. Officers checked the area and found a legal tobacco dispenser. No further action was taken.


Oct. 15—Waltham Police notified University Police that they were sending officers to a residence on Turner Street to respond to a loud party. They requested University Police officers stand by. Waltham Police dispersed the crowd without incident.

Oct. 18 —The CDC for the Foster Mods reported that people coming out of parties were lingering in the middle of the quad and behind the quad. The CDC later called to cancel dispatch of police units, as the groups were dispersed without them.

Oct. 18—A Community Advisor on duty in the Charles River Apartments stated that there was a large number of people in the common and requested police assistance for dispersal. Officers on the scene reported eight students talking in the area and took no further action.

Oct. 19—Police received a complaint of loud music coming from Ridgewood C. The music was coming from a registered party that was authorized to continue until 1:00 a.m. The CA was at the scene and would take care of student judicial issues. The party was dispersed without incident.


Oct. 13—University Police received a report of a wolf walking in Tower Lot. Officers checked the area and did not find a wolf.

—compiled by Tate Herbert