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Don’t Hang Up On His EP

Mathias Boyar '20 has just released his first EP on Spotify and iTunes. He sat down for an interview with The Justice to talk about his creative process and the reception his music has received so far.

Salvation in Syria

Nadia Alawa saw the violence and devastation caused by a civil war in Syria and knew she had to help. So she founded NuDay Syria, a multi-million dollar humanitarian relief organization that sends supplies to women and children in Syria. 

Mining for a Fair Deal

The German documentary "La Buena Vida- The Good Life" shows the struggle of a small tribe in Northeast Colombia as they fight to keep their homes from being taken by a neighboring coal mine.

“Never Again”

A screening of the documentary "Never Again: Forging a Convention for Crimes Against Humanity" prompts discussion about how to hold world leaders accountable. 

Fit to Print

“When I came to Brandeis, I thought 3D printing was science fiction,” said Gabriel Seltzer ’18 in an interview with the Justice.

What's so bad about LSD?

“Those who consume their medicines rarely understand the risks that were taken to create them. In a society that has made their work a crime, the psychedelic chemist is an outlaw.” The smooth, focused narrating voice of Hamilton Morris carried through the crowded auditorium at the International Business School.

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