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Sarah Bayer


Brandeis, kids strut their stuff

As the crowd of about 100 assembled for Prospect Hill's Got Talent!, it waited through a late start to the program due to sound system difficulties, but hints of the spectacle to come were already emerging from behind the black curtains on either side of Levin Ballroom's stage.

From Brandeis to the Big Screen

The Justice interviewed Marshall Herskovitz '73, producer of The Last Samurai, about his Hollywood career.Sarah Bayer: Would you say that Brandeis has influenced your career since [you graduated], or have you left it behind?Marshall Herskovitz: Yeah, I think so.

DeVotchKa album brings noise, funk

DeVotchKa's music is something you usually hear-or don't-in the background. The band draws on klezmer and mariachi influences- essentially an intercultural marriage of wedding music.

Hollywood can't stop the loss

It's only taken the film industry five years to supply a formula for how to handle the war in Iraq: venerated directors (Brian De Palma, Paul Haggis) guide reliable talents (Robert Redford, Charlize Theron) through moving and intelligent narratives, which invariably garner critical applause and audience indifference.Stop-Loss, opening Friday, has a more complicated pedigree.

Admin, faculty discuss solution

The Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities announced that it has temporarily stopped hearing grievances against the administration and has declared that the system of faculty dispute resolution is broken.

Countdown to artistic fulfillment

Although the format of the 48-Hour Film Contest required submissions to include at least five of eight given elements (such as a specific line of dialogue), the five entrants achieved very different results, producing successful films in five distinct genres.

Panel displays diverse palette

A panel consisting of documentary filmmakers Ann Carol Grossman '69 and Jane Paley Price '69, Andrew Slack '02, a viral video mastermind, and Brandeis parent Michael Jacobs a writer and producer, discussed the experience of filmmaking in a variety of settings.

The Voices of Brandeis

I'm pretty skeptical when Dan Newman '09 tells me that anyone can beat-box. I've marveled at the vocal percussion featured at many a coffeehouse performance but the talent still seems, well, superhuman.

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