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Lizzie Grossman


BK bring laughs in comedy sketch festival

Friday was the first of the two nights of the 16th annual Sketch Comedy Festival, featuring opening acts by Skidmore College’s Sketchies and Yale University’s Fifth Humor, and Brandeis’s beloved Boris’ Kitchen. The Sketchies opened with a few humorous sketches.

“Tea of Oblivion” emits themes of nature through abstraction

The walls of the Kniznick Gallery of the Women’s Studies Research Center are now embellished with black-and-white photos of elements from nature and pedestals topped with earth-colored abstract sculptures.  This past Friday was the opening of “Tea of Oblivion,” an exhibition encompassing the artwork of ceramic artist Heidi Lau and photographer Megan Ledbetter. The exhibition is based on an old Chinese folktale about Meng Po, the goddess of reincarnation.

Comedian blogger Ortberg discusses portrayal of women in Lisa Yuskavages’ ‘The Brood’

On Friday night, a crowd gathered in the Lois Foster Gallery of the Rose Art Museum where the walls were adorned with several oil paintings depicting the female body.The audience was awaiting Mallory Ortberg, a writer and comedian who would review “The Brood,” an exhibition currently on display in the gallery that surveys the most defining creative moments from 25 years of painting by American artist Lisa Yuskavage.  The program began with an introduction from Betsy Nelson, collections assistant at the Rose.

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