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Kent Dinlenc


Fun at Mamma Mia!

 But that’s what “Mamma Mia!” is all about: singing without a care in the world and dancing like nobody’s watching. 

Not Too Marvel-ous

The latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was released last week to roaring box office success. “Captain Marvel” follows the story of a young warrior from an alien planet suffering from amnesia — she can’t remember anything before five years ago. When a mission takes her to Earth in 1995, she must combat invading shapeshifters, called Skrulls, and stop them from acquiring a massive light speed generator. 

State of the Union: March 19

  The Union has been improving, slowly but surely. A-board processes are being streamlined through new servers in the fall, the Treasury is deftly handling the budget and the Senate is re-evaluating the way it conducts itself through bylaw reforms. Simply put, the Union is headed in the right direction. The members of the E-board and A-board are working their hardest to think about long-term progress, a state of mind that Brandeis has not really embraced. 

JustArts Spotlight on The Rose

  Howardena Pindell’s “Nelson Mandela Parade” is a striking piece which conveys Pindell’s memory loss, the  result of a car accident, extremely vividly.  

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