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Jaime Kaiser


Snapping back against bullying

If you wear Nike shorts, you're a jock. Timberland boots? You must be quite outdoorsy. In our culture, brands perpetuate stereotypes, shape friend groups and exclude those who don't wear the logos of "cool" companies.

Prodding along the Ph.D.

It can take a Ph.D. student years to finish his or her degree. Between outside employment, teaching positions and a rigorous workload, it is easy for the completion of a final dissertation to be postponed for months or even years. For doctoral students working toward a Ph.D.

Kirkland reviews term

On May 2 in Rapaporte Treasure Hall, former Student Union President Todd Kirkland '13 gave his second and final State of the Union address before swearing in Ricky Rosen '14 as the new Student Union president. In Kirkland's 20-minute long address, he reviewed the successes under his presidency and articulated his vision for the direction of the Student Union going forward, particularly in areas such as dining, financial reform, the strategic plan and club reorganization. The entire State of the Union Address was broadcast live on WBRS for the first time, which enabled students other than the small collection who attended the event to listen to the speech. Toward the beginning of his speech, Kirkland discussed the Student Union weekly WBRS show, Deis Launchpad, which gives students the opportunity to pose questions directly to Student Union leaders and administrators via Twitter.

Neighborhood tough as nails

In a split second, the Boston Marathon became a crime scene. As locals began to pick up the pieces of their lives in the hours after the tragedy, one community in Dorchester, Mass.

Living with HIV Positivity

Just a few months ago, Scott Fried, health educator, motivational speaker and author, tweeted "Listen to others with the same tenderness that you would want them to listen to you until love walks into the room." As Fried stepped into the room on Friday night after Hillel shabbat dinner, the room was captivated as he prepared to deliver his message. In the midst of the Watertown chaos that ensued on Friday, Scott Fried drove from New York City even before the suspect had been declared found to give a talk at an Oneg, a repast that takes place after dinner on Shabbat. The event corresponds with a larger weekend dedicated to health, which Global Health Shabbat sponsored in conjunction with Face AIDS, Relay for Life and Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps to commemorate the 30th anniversary of BEMCo. Fried's talk, entitled "I Raise My Cup in Rescue And Call On God's Name" addressed issues focused on finding self acceptance and giving and accepting acts of kindness in the midst of tragedy and trauma.

Approaching the bench

It was the day of commencement and Abby Kulawitz '12, a recent graduate, was relaxing on campus with her parents, Carrie and Harvey Kulawitz. It was a beautiful summer day, but surprisingly, there were few places to sit outside.

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