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Jaime Kaiser


Using past for progress

At 7:31 a.m. on a Saturday morning in 2010, nearly 20 years after she spoke out against the sexual misconduct of the then soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Prof.

A fresh take on faith

A couple of times each month, Jewish Brandeis students from a diverse mix of Jewish denominations and cultural traditions come together for a special Friday night service.

Following history's footsteps

From the Southern banks of the Kadesh stream to the Canyons of the Negev Desert, natives asked a trio of hikers over and over again why they were hiking the Israel National Trail.

Ravenous for action

On Nov. 8, Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in Eastern Samar, Philippines, leaving 230,501 injured and a death toll of 5,235 and climbing, according to a Nov.

Returning to the Renaissance

It can be difficult for the modern civilian to imagine historical figures as anything more than history: relics of a bygone age with little significance to the modern world.

Recalling a storied past

Prof. Jacob Cohen (AMST) is a man of many names. His legal birth name is "Jerome," but his students call him "Jerry." Arriving on campus only a little over a decade after the University's founders in 1960, Cohen is a trove of insights on the history he teaches but has also lived. In 1960, Cohen arrived on campus to interview for a faculty position in the history department.

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