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Interview: Gabi Nail '18

This week, justArts spoke with Gabi Nail ’18, who played Jeannie in The Brandeis Theater Department’s production of “Leveling Up.” justArts: Can you give me some background on your character, Jeannie, as you view her? Gabi Nail: Going into the show, there were a lot of strong feelings about Jeannie, myself included.

Interview: Liv Molho '20 and Maria Kulchyckyj '20

This week, justArts spoke with Maria Kulchyckyj ’20 and Liv Molho ’20, the coordinators of the ’DEIS Impact event, “Rise Above: An Exploration of Dance and Body Culture.” They performed in the dances and choreographed them. justArts: How did you come up with the idea for the event? Maria Kulchyckyj and Olivia Molho: We really wanted our dances to provoke introspection for the people in the audience.

Interview: Sarah Steiker '17

This week, justArts spoke with Sarah Steiker ’17, a senior Theater Major who is writing a Senior Thesis with Sarah Ackerman ’17. justArts: What is a Senior Thesis? Sarah Steiker: The Theater department has an application to do a thesis, and then it’s approved by the faculty.

‘Martyr’ leaves audience in silent awe

Marius von Mayenburg’s “Martyr” is not for the weak-hearted. Following one boy’s tempestuous journey into the depths of Christian fundamentalism, the show evaluates the more antiquated beliefs in monotheistic faith and contemporary religious extremism we see in today’s society.

Panelists discuss themes of ‘Martyr’

Marius von Mayenburg’s play “Martyr” unearths troubling ideas regarding religious extremism and its roots through the story of one young German teen’s enchantment with religious fundamentalism in relation to the mundane teenage experience.

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