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Elana Margulies


New Jewish High School expands

The New Jewish High School (NJHS), which is currently located on the corner of Main Street and Prospect Street, and is attended by approximately 225 students, is in the process of expanding its property.

Education helps rape victims regain control

"Rape? That would never happen to me." That phrase is heard and said by people everywhere: television shows, in movies, at the dinner table, at clubs or bars, in a conversation between two people walking on the streets, in the classroom.

City removes the water tower

What many consider one of the historical landmarks in Waltham will no longer be here. The Waltham water tower, with an elevation of approximately 150 feet, is located atop Sterns hill, near the Windsor Village apartment complex, on Lexington Street is in the process of being removed.

Cohen '01 explores health policy

Life outside the bubble. The real world. Adulthood. Whatever you want to call it, many Brandeis students would agree that it's a mysterious place, terrifying and alluring at the same time.

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