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Q&A with Pablo Delano

“FA 18A: Digital Documentary Photography,” a new course this semester, combines Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) with Fine Arts, documentation and personal expression.

Q&A with Gina Pugliese

In “ENG 32B: The Black Transnational Romance,” students will have the opportunity to read and discuss titles like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “Americanah” (2013) and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me” (2015), among others.

‘And in longing, she bites’

And in longing she bites opened with the full cast onstage. The all-female cast was comprised of an overly enthusastic sex education teacher (Ayelet Schrek ’17), the poet Sappho (Caley Chase ’16), a girl sent to a weight loss camp (Emma Hanselman ’18) and two friends exploring their feelings for each other (Julie Joseph ’18 and Rachel Zhu ’18). The play, written and directed by Sophie Greenspan ’15, followed the characters as they grew up and discovered their identities, sexualities and relationships as women to the rest of society.


Written, directed and composed by Charlie Madison ’15, Grace follows the eponymous character, as she attempts to lead a normal life.

Play uses unique staging to showcase dark themes

columbinus was a deeply and hauntingly affecting play. The show used high school archetypes, such as nerds and jocks, to profile students at Columbine high school, following them through the 1999 school shooting and its aftermath.  Only at the end of the first act did columbinus reveal that the archetypes “freak” and “loner” actually served as stand-ins for murderers Eric and Dylan, respectively.

Q&A with Ingrid Schorr

This week, justArts spoke with Ingrid Schorr, the acting director of the Office of the Arts, about the finalized line-up for featured events for this year’s Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts. JustArts: I saw that there was a lot of new information released, which is really exciting.

Festival of the Arts schedule released

This week, the Office of the Arts announced the events for this year’s Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts.The festival, which will run from April 23 to 26, will host various public arts installations and use the Rose Art Museum’s “Light of Reason” sculpture as a stage for performances. The festival has various activities each day, and a website for the festival is expected to launch within the next few days, according to Acting Director of the Office of the Arts Ingrid Schorr in an interview with the Justice. Thursday’s main events will be a creativity symposium; a seminar on women’s rights and activism; several workshops; two performances and extended hours at the Rose Art Museum.

Students explain creative choices in art exhibit

Rose Art Museum curatorial interns Sofia Retta ’15 and Sarah McCarty ’15 stated that they made sure to play to their strengths in organizing Disrupted Spaces, a photography exhibit focusing on memory and cultural history.  The pair spoke at an art talk on Thursday and described the choices they made during the curation process.

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