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Panel discusses gender roles in government

(04/17/18 10:00am)

Women have historically been under-represented in all levels of the U.S. government, and even with decades of advances for women in the workplace, this still holds true. According to a March 8, 2017 Vox article, the U.S. is ranked 104th worldwide in female representation in government. Recent events have spurred a new wave of female candidates for office, but, according to panelists invited by the Education Network for Active Civic Transformation (ENACT), a national expansion of the University’s International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life’s program Advocacy for Policy Change, many women are still hesitant to run. 

Film examines struggle of former inmates to define their lives after prison

(04/17/18 10:00am)

As the United States continues to discuss the problematic history behind the prison-industrial complex, the Brandeis Asian American Task Force screened the documentary “Out of State,” which narrates the journey of two native Hawaiians, David and Hale, as they reconnect to their cultural heritage and struggle to readjust to everyday life as formerly incarcerated men. 

Film explores effect of immigration on identity

(03/27/18 10:00am)

On the screen, students watched a Haitian woman sell her clothes at an open market on the streets of the Dominican Republic. The woman, named Yuli, emigrated from Haiti and is now a pillar of her community, having lived in the Dominican Republic for 35 years and raised her children there. However, in recent years, her place in her community has been jeopardized by the fact that she is an immigrant. 

Waltham residents indicted for violating U.S. export laws

(03/27/18 10:00am)

Two Waltham residents were indicted on Wednesday for selling electronic equipment to a Syria-based company in connection with explosives used against American forces in the Middle East, according to a March 22 Wicked Local article. Also indicted were the residents’ Waltham-based business, Top Tech US Inc. and Amir Katranji, the Syrian national who manages EKT Electronics, the company that bought the electronics.