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ITS implements new data security measures

(11/06/18 11:00am)

On the evening of Oct. 14, Information Technology Services began remotely deleting personally identifiable information in temporary and hidden folders from University-owned Windows computers. These now-weekly deletions are one of four security initiatives that ITS is in the process of implementing — or will roll out soon — that are aimed at protecting the University’s technology and data.

New Waltham restaurant opens, features work from contemporary artist

(11/06/18 11:00am)

A new American fusion restaurant named Balani has opened on Moody Street. It takes the place of Raffaele’s Ristorante, which closed in spring 2018, according to an Oct. 29 Waltham Patch article. The restaurant’s Instagram page describes the restaurant as “making really tasty yums in a fun space.” 

Berklee professors united after Globe’s revelations

(11/06/18 11:00am)

Panelists discussed Berklee staff, student and administrator reactions to a Boston Globe article published last year which revealed that 11 Berklee professors had been terminated after sexual harassment and abuse allegations. The event, titled “Sexual Harassment: Case Study of a College in Distress,” featured members of the Feminist Faculty Alliance of Berklee College of Music, as well as Jessica Teperow, an expert on domestic violence, speaking at the Women’s Studies Research Center last Thursday. 

President Liebowitz outlines vision for future of Brandeis

(10/30/18 10:00am)

University President Ron Liebowitz urged the Brandeis community to strive for a strong, secure and sustainable future in a speech outlining his vision for the University  yesterday. About 350 people attended the all-campus presidential announcement, with more watching the livestream, in which he shared the “Brandeis Value Proposition,” his framework for the University’s future.

Excavation near SCC to end in coming weeks

(10/30/18 10:00am)

The replacement of steam and telecommunication lines in front of the Shapiro Campus Center should be completed in about two weeks, according to Vice President for Operations Jim Gray in an interview with the Justice. The area has been fenced off and under construction since Aug. 27, when the University began investigating and repairing an underground steam line malfunction that melted telecommunication wires and led to phone and internet service disruptions.

Women grapple with families’ Holocaust legacies

(10/30/18 10:00am)

Facing History and Ourselves, an international nonprofit whose goal is to engage and educate students on racism and anti-Semitism, held a talk last Monday called “Echoes of the Holocaust: Beyond Sides of History” with the University’s Center for German and European Studies. Rachael Cerrotti, whose grandmother was a Holocaust survivor, and Julie Lindahl, whose grandparents were Nazis, shared their experiences uncovering and documenting their family histories. 

Author shares stories that motivated her debut novel

(10/30/18 10:00am)

Author Mira T. Lee stood behind Harlan Chapel’s granite lectern, reading passages from her debut novel, “Everything is Beautiful.” Last Tuesday night, Brandeis faculty, staff and students listened to Lee share the ways her personal experiences growing up in immigrant communities and with family members suffering from schizophrenia influenced her novel. The organizers of the event placed two lamps near the front of the chapel but kept the main lights off, leaving audience members in dim lighting. 

Artist, professor explore transgender history through art

(10/30/18 10:00am)

Tuesday Smillie, the University’s Perlmutter artist-in-residence, and David Getsy, an art history professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, joined members of the Brandeis community on Saturday to screen the movie “Happy Birthday Marsha!” and to discuss “genderqueer archival research,” per the event description.

Speakers map out routes to success in college, workforce

(10/30/18 10:00am)

Prof. Andy Molinsky (IBS) and Brandeis Visiting Scholar Sheila Pisman led an interactive workshop for members of the Brandeis community on searching for careers as a recent college graduate. Titled “Advance: A Career Roadmap for Ambitious Young Leaders,” the workshop focused on the key challenges and concerns plaguing recent graduates entering the workforce and proposed future programs highlighting steps that can be taken to alleviate these issues. 

Experts examine legal limits on photo editing

(10/30/18 10:00am)

Rachel Adatto, the architect of Israel’s so-called “Photoshop law,” joined two Brandeis scholars on Thursday to reflect on the law’s legacy. Adatto, a women’s health expert and former member of Israel’s parliament, authored the law to counter misperceptions of healthy body shapes by imposing regulations on images that distort body size and shape.

Scholar discusses Arab existentialism

(10/30/18 10:00am)

The History department and the Crown Center for Middle East Studies hosted Yoav Di-Capua, a historian currently working at the University of Texas at Austin, to give a talk on Thursday about his latest book, “No Exit: Arab Existentialism, Jean Paul Sartre and Decolonization.” The talk discussed Arab existentialism from the end of World War II until the late 1960s, Sartre’s popularity among Arab intellectuals during those times and his inability to choose a side in the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and its neighboring countries. 

Waltham receives additional funding for transportation services and repairs

(10/30/18 10:00am)

The state of Massachusetts supplied the city of Waltham additional funding for road work and transportation, according to an Oct. 24 Waltham Patch article. Waltham received $1,609,034 in the initial fiscal year 2019 funding report, but has now secured an extra $321,807, bringing the total to $1,930,841, according to the Patch article.