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Club Cantonese reclaims ‘Jook-Sing’

(12/11/18 11:00am)

On Friday night in The Levin Ballroom in Usdan Student Center, Club Cantonese presented their second annual cultural show. The theme this year was Jook-Sing, which is a derogatory Cantonese term for people of Chinese descent born in the West. The term is derived from the word for bamboo, using its hollowness and compartmentalized nature to suggest that foreign-born Chinese people are empty of traditional Eastern values, but are not quite Western either. Club Cantonese chose this theme to challenge the derogatory nature of Jook-Sing, choosing to take pride in their dual heritage rather than be ashamed of it.

‘Nutcracker’ dances toward inclusivity

(12/11/18 11:00am)

The impression of ballet I had from years of dance classes was that of an exclusive, cold and uncaring environment. It was a culture that constantly told me, “You’re too fat to do real ballet,” “White girls are just naturally built better for ballet,” and “One bad injury and you might as well throw away your leotards.” Perfection was all that mattered. One noticeable mistake was as bad as not knowing the entire combination.

Hold Thy Peace ushers in the holidays

(12/11/18 11:00am)

William Shakespeare wrote “Twelfth Night” for the Christmas season. So, even though Hold Thy Peace normally produces a show in October, it only made sense to put on a performance in early December to entertain students before they drown in papers and finals. In HTP’s abridged “Twelfth Night,” twins Viola and Sebastian are separated during a shipwreck. Believing that her brother has perished, Viola arrives in the foreign town of Illyria takes on the identity of a pageboy named Cesario to work for the duke Orsino, who is in love with a countess Olivia. However, Olivia does not return these feelings and finds herself attracted to Cesario. The majority of the play is about the love triangle between Viola/Cesario, Olivia and Orsino.

Boris shares the Kitchen with friends

(12/11/18 11:00am)

Boris’ Kitchen held its annual Fall Fest two weeks ago at the Shapiro Campus Center, hosting four different sketch comedy groups from neighboring universities. They did two shows that weekend, one on Friday one on Saturday. I attended Friday’s, where Boris’ Kitchen shared Act One with Emerson College’s Jimmy’s Traveling All-Stars and Boston University’s The Callbacks. That following Saturday, they invited Skidmore’s Sketchies and Tufts’ “The Institute.” The sketches in Act Two were all written by Boris’ Kitchen members, with Perry Letourneau ’20 and Anderson Stinson ’21 serving as co-directors this year.

Shared Connection

(12/04/18 11:00am)

The South Asian Student Association welcomed the month of December with their annual event, MELA. The event, whose name is a Hindi word for “religious festival” but was used in this case to simply mean “gathering,” advertised itself on Facebook as the “biggest student-run show on campus,” and it didn’t disappoint. Hundreds of students took a break from stressing about finals to pack the Levin Ballroom in Usdan Student Center.