On Friday, March 29, the Student Union sent an email revealing that their proposed constitutional amendments, including consolidating several seats, removing several identity-based seats, such as racial minority and midyear, and reducing elections was rejected by the undergraduate student body. The changes would have required a two-thirds majority vote to pass, but only 64% of voters were in favor of the changes. 

In response, the Student Union has adapted both their proposed constitutional amendments and their voting process. First, the Student Union is no longer considering removing the Racial Minority seats in the Senate. Instead, their email reads that they will “share concerns [they received] with the University and work collaboratively with students and other stakeholders to identify solutions.” Second, students now have the opportunity to vote for each change individually rather than as an all-or-nothing package. 

The Student Union encouraged students to vote over March break using the link provided in their email. Additionally, readers were encouraged to seek out the Student Union Instagram or email studentunion@brandeis.edu with any questions. 

—  Editor’s Note: Justice staff writer Ria Escamilla-Gil ’27 is a Student Union senator and Justice Editor Rani Balakrishna ’25 is on the Student Union Executive Board, neither contributed to this article.