On April 3, Carol S. Kornworcel, the Student Union Secretary and Chief of Elections, sent out an email detailing future election information, including open seats as well as constitutional amendment updates. 

According to the email, constitutional amendments 1-7 (out of 10) passed. This means that midyear international and Myra Kraft Achievers Program seats will remain as they were. In regards to the racial minority position, the email stated that “following the initial vote, continued conversations with administrators made it clear that these positions are unable to move forward as written.” However, the email also stated that the Student Union will “work quickly to clarify these positions and make necessary revisions so we can continue to advance our work related to [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.]” 

The email also contained information for students looking to run for positions in the Student Union. Information sessions for those looking to run were held on Thursday, April 4, Friday, April 5 and Sunday, April 7. According to the email, anybody looking to run for office must have attended at least one of these info sessions. The open positions for next year are as follows: president and vice president; secretary; head treasurer; chief judicial officer; Board of Trustees, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and Alumni Association representatives; senators at large; class of 2025 senators; class of 2026 senators; class of 2027 senators; international student senator; and Allocations Board representatives. 

Any students with questions are encouraged to email studentunion@brandeis.edu and to keep themselves updated through the Student Union Instagram

— Editor’s Note: Justice staff writer Ria Escamilla-Gil ’27 and Justice editor Rani Balakrisha ’25 are members of the Student Union and did not contribute to this article. 

— Zoe Zachary