On April 1, the Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center sent out an email with details and events concerning Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the U.S., which started on April 1. The email started by recognizing that “sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harrassment impact all members of our community, both directly and indirectly,” and “all of us have a role to play in creating a culture of care, support, and safety.” 

The email then outlined some of the events that will be taking place throughout the month of April. These include Mindful Moments on Wednesday, April 3, Take Back the Night on Friday, April 5 and Denim Day on Wednesday, April 11. Additionally, PARC has partnered with the Brandeis Library to “create a display of books related to sexual violence, consent, and healing from traumatic experiences.” According to the email, the display will be available from April 3 to April 31 on the first floor of the library near the Goldfarb stairs to the mezzanine. 

To close their email, PARC provided resources for students and staff members who have been personally impacted by sexual violence and encouraged connecting with the office. They highlighted drop-in hours with their highly trained Peer Advocates on Monday through Friday from 12 to 5 and noted that professional staff are available for in-person or Zoom meetings. For faculty and staff in particular, they highlighted the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, as it is in partnership with Brandeis. Faculty in search of additional support are also encouraged to contact Suzanne Raj, the Manager of Occupational Health

 — Editor’s Notes: Justice Associate Editor Julia Hardy ’26 and Justice Staff writer Hedy Yang ’26 are employed by the Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center and did not contribute to or edit this article. 

 — Zoe Zachary