Over Brandeis University’s winter break, Chillbox, a Greek frozen yogurt store in the Charlesbank Shopping Center, announced that it would be closing for renovations over the winter and reopening in the spring. Chillbox was first established in 2012 in Patra, Greece. From Patra it expanded to other parts of Greece as well as the United States and the United Kingdom. Chillbox opened its Waltham location in 2017, replacing a former auto repair shop.

On March 26, owner Yianni Mitrousis announced in a Facebook post that “Creamery Ice Cream Shop will be officially opening its doors soon!” In a March 30 Facebook post seeking to hire employees for the Creamery Ice Cream Shop, Mitrousis clarified the opening. When asked by Facebook user Lauren Agetstein in the hiring post “Is this opening where chill box is in its place?” Mitrousis responded “yes,” and that the shop would open “in a few weeks.” The location and the owner of the shop where Chillbox resided will remain the same, however the Creamery Ice Cream Shop will be replacing Chillbox in the Charlesbank Shopping Center. It has previously employed Brandeis students. 

The Creamery Ice Cream Shop is currently looking to hire new employees.

 — Editor’s Note: Justice Associate Sophia De Lisi ’26 was a former employee of Chillbox and did not edit nor contribute to this brief.