The Taiwanese Student Association presented their annual culture show; Formosa, on March 16 in Levine Ballroom. The immersive showcase captivated the audience with performances that demonstrated the meaning of unity through their theme: Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday commemorating the ancient poet, Qu Yuan. The festival consists of dragon boat races and eating sticky rice dumplings called zongzi. Through this year’s theme, TSA encouraged the audience to embrace unity and to celebrate the meaning of togetherness. 

TSA started their show off with a Diabolo performance that spotlighted multiple performers taking part in juggling two discs being spun around using a string attached to handsticks. Each performer wielded their diabolos with grace and precision while also interacting with one another to demonstrate the importance of being one. 

As the show continued, a group of performers graced the stage with their presence and serenaded the audience with music. The entire room admired the performance and were in awe as all the singers worked together in harmonization and projection of their voices. The audience erupted in applause as the performance ended. The night continued with a martial arts performance and an e-board dance to finish it off. As the festivities came to an end, the night continued with food and celebration with members of the community. 

As a whole, TSA put together a show that embodied the meaning of unity between Taiwanese students and the Brandeis community and how to carry that into other aspects of life. Through the performances, the audience was encouraged to create community outside of the space and to unite with one another to establish wholeness.