On March 24, the Senate heard four club proposals for probationary status during its Sunday meeting, a continuation of  last week's meeting. All four were passed and now have probationary status.

The first club to present was Brandeis Hui'o Laulima. The club currently has a fluid e-board, and three e-board members presented: Tori Yamda ’27, Vaea Lohe ’27 and Huck Henderschedt ’26. The presenting members created this club to spread the spirit of Hawaii and support students with connections to the state. They want to educate people about Hawaiian culture and discuss the history and environmental issues specific to Hawaii. In the future, they hope to hold cultural lessons that teach Hawaiian, an endangered language, and host a Lu’au in the spring of 2025. The club was accredited with probationary status.

The next club to present was the Brandeis Prosthetic Club. The presentation was done by President Robert Cooper ’26 and Vice President Avery Bishop ’27. The club's goal is to explore the world of prosthetics and engineering by building prosthetics for children. No experience is required. They want to use the website ENABLE, which connects people who want to build prosthetics with one another. This club was previously de-chartered due to the inaction due to COVID-19. This club would give opportunities for all members to get training for the Maker Lab. The club is now probationary.

The Brandeis Physics club was presented by President Joy Ren ’26, Treasurer David Merges ’25 and Secretary Daniel House ’26. They want to create a club to conduct research promptly in the physical science community at Brandeis and provide resources and opportunities for members eager to engage with experimental and theoretical research. They have planned some events, including social events, study halls, research involvement workshops, journal club and collaborations with other clubs. The club gained probationary status this Sunday.

The Italian club was presented by Emily Moreno ’27, Amanda Shiu ’27 and Ava Pole ’27. They want to create this club to bring a community for Italian students at Brandeis. They also want to create a space to learn about the culture and language. Some events they want to host include discussing different cities, watching movies and hosting cooking events. Approximately 20 people showed up to their first meeting. The Senate accredited the club with probationary status.

Following the conclusion of the club presentations, Sherry Tao ’25, director of club support, took a brief survey to find if the Student Union preferred this style of club presentations versus the last style, which spread out club presentations over many meetings. Most preferred this style with multiple club presentations for one meeting.

There were no Senate committee reports.

Senator Eamonn Golden ’24 and Senate Leader Erica Hwang ’25 briefly discussed the new arrangement and structure for the Senate. The information about the constitution's adaptations was released on Monday, March 25, and the ballots for these new changes will be made available on Wednesday, March 27 to the student body. The Senate's new structure will have an executive board and four committees. There will be four executive senators, each overseeing three committees and each committee with their senator. The four executive committees will be clubs, campus life, advocacy and events and publicity.

Yoni Kahn ’24, the co-chair of the social justice committee, shared a proposal to bring more hair products to campus that cater to students of color. They are collaborating with the Multicultural Hair Product Club. The proposal is for the Student Union to buy products and sell them to students at a discounted price. The proceeds will be donated to the Black Women and Girls Fund. The Social Justice Committee plans to use this proposal to show a demand for a broader range of hair products on campus.

— Editor’s Note: Justice staff writer Ria Escamilla-Gil ’27  and Justice Editor Rani Balakrishna ’25 are Student Union senators and did not contribute to this article. Justice editorial assistant Zoe Zachary ’27 is a member of Brandeis Hui’o Laulima.