1. name of the castle, the only original building on campus 

4. into its innermost parts

7. athletics-related nickname

9. our current, ninth, president

11. name of the toughest set of steps on campus

12. cafe on campus that fictitiously inspired F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

13. original building location of The Justice, also known as Waltham Hall; yellow fruit

15. city where  University is located 

19. couple buried in a woods named after them on campus, also the University’s first president

21. most recent building built on campus

24. a section in sherm; foods that conforms to the Jewish dietary regulations of kashrut 

26. namesake of University, first Jewish Justice, full name

28. German-born theoretical physicist the University was almost named after but they refused, famous for the theory of relativity, E=mc2 

30. professional team that used to practice on campus

31. the University’s student-run volunteer emergency service — also teaches CPR, acronym


2. annual University event related to a season

3. party, mixer, gala; in conjunction with [10 Down] makes a core value of the university

5. museum on campus 

6. where lectures take place, in conjunction with [22 Down] are also protests held in 1969 and 2015 to promote racial justice and to improve the student experience at the University

8. most common name for buildings on campus

10. the name of the oldest newspaper on campus; in conjunction with [3 Across] 

14. inventor of the q tip, location of the largest lecture hall on campus, colloquial

16. the University’s athletic conference, initialism 

17. creative arts festival, named after former professor and famous composer and musician who was also the first American-born conductor to receive international acclaim

18. three buildings on campus thatnever cast shadows on each other, also a field

20. the original mascot of the University

22. american motor company named after their founder who also made the five-day work 

week to grow the middle class and give them time to buy his cars

23. sound an owl makes, also the legal name of the C-store

25. University’s NARP nickname; [7 Across], ____, executioner 

26. of reason, location for orientation tradition Light the Night

27. sculptor of the [26 Across] statue on campus commemorating the 100th anniversary of his birth; often adorned by students with a hat or other objects

29. culture hub on campus, initialism